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Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani 20th September 2011 Part 1/4 *HD* ...

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Is Facebook hot or not? Our new editor in chief +Lance Ulanoff looks at whether the recent Facebook changes are helping the site to stay relevant, or confusing users with too many features.

What do you think? Will Facebook maintain its lead?

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Facebook is going to allow developers to create their own buttons with verbs like “Want,” “Desire,” or “Need.” Wow - that will surely gather more fascinating data for marketers, yes?! :) At the f8 Developer Conference this Thursday, Facebook will be revealing many major new developments including partnerships with media outlets and a new "entertainment hub" look and feel to profiles, where users can easily share favorite music, TV shows, and movies... which all gets displayed on the (optional) Ticker. Hmmm!!

Your thoughts? Are you keeping up so far? ...or are you focusing mostly on Google+ these days?! :)

I'm spreading my time thinly, but have enabled public subscriptions on my Facebook personal profile ( and do my best to keep up with my fan page - just crossed the 50,000 fan mark today, Yay! ( And, I truly wish there were more hours in the day that I could dive deeper into G+ each day! My poor blog is so getting neglected. :( Lol.

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Here's what Facebook is up to

This is no doubt what +Robert Scoble was referring to when he suggested that the whole Facebook vs. Google+ war changes next week.

This is going to be good. <Sitting down with popcorn and a cold beverage.>

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Mashable's new Editor in Chief +Lance Ulanoff is enjoying the battle between Google+ & Facebook. Popcorn, anyone?

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