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Tony Marchei
I'm an Accountant in Perth, Western Australia. Business name "AXXO Accounting & Management"
I'm an Accountant in Perth, Western Australia. Business name "AXXO Accounting & Management"

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It's that time of the year with Christmas coming and attending a Square Dance Club Christmas Party nearly every night/day.
Helps putting us all in the mood for the festive season.
Have a Merry Christmas and happy Square Dancing to all.

After graduating our beginners last year our Square Dance club is now teaching Plus.

We have one bracket of the plus and have learnt so far after a few weeks

Acey Deucy
Ping Pong Circulate
Tea Cup Chain
Load the Boat
Peel Off (used to be a mainstream call)

We are also learning a few more Round Dances to start the night off.. So things are very busy and rewarding.

Hope all other Square Dancers are having a good time. Thanks
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Our Square Dance magazine for March 2016 edition, featuring the Square Dance call  "Swing Through" on the cover.

Click to read as a flipbook.
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Our club beginners graduated last night and were presented with their official Diplomas at our annual birthday party.

It was a hot night for this time of year, over 30 degrees on the night, but we still had a great turnout.

A great mix of Square Dance calling and a bracket of round dancing & one of line dancing as well.

I'm looking forward to other enjoyable nights like this and hope the graduates go on to learn Plus and more.
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Our Square Dancing magazine for February 2016 featuring "Load the Boat ".
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Our Square Dance Club reopens this week after the Christmas break from early December. A long wait but looking forward to a new year of square dancing.

The beginners classes though have been back for the past 2 weeks so have been helping out there. Some very good beginners coming through and they are all very keen and enjoy the dancing though its been very hot here down under.

Nothing like the American blizzard conditions fortunately.

Have a great year of square dancing everyone!!

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Looking through our Square Dance archives I came across this 1959 edition of our Square Dance Society monthly magazine. (Click on link and check it out)

 It just shows you how styles and technology has changed since then.

One item I found of interest was in the presidents editorial letter stating his concern that Square Dancing may be threatened by the introduction of TV to the masses in the 1950’s.
As he says and I quote:

“Now that TV has come into our midst I feel that we should do our best to keep Square Dancing on its feet, and not let it be pushed aside by these new fangled gadgets.”

Fortunately, over 60 years on, Squared Dancing is still alive, thank God.
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"Walk around your corner"  featuring on the cover of our November issue of our Square Dance magazine 
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