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Mark James Connelly
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Photographer. Location: Scotland, UK
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Photographer. Location: Scotland, UK

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With the available technology we have now, it is hard to believe that when you are hiding in some room scared to make a sound because of a terrorist on a gun rampage or killing everyone outside, there are very few police systems in the world you can silently text for help.
Right now all you can do is dial a number and sit quiet while the emergency operator on the other end of the phone line sits for the next 10 - 15 minutes trying to work out what's going on.

Should all police stations have the ability to receive text messages ?
Should all police stations have the ability to receive picture messages ?
Should all police stations have the ability to receive live video ?

I believe they should have.
After the events of the last couple of years around the world involving innocent people going about their everyday business only to have their lives tragically cut short, it is about time governments around the world put the infrastructure into place, like mentioned above, to let us help them to fight back against the terror that walks our streets today.

"Sometimes the simple things are the most effective things"

#terrorism #unitedkingdom    #france   #usa   #government  
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Finally they have a release date MARCH 3RD !!!! Yeeee Haaaa.

Been watching the progress of this game since 2010 and its almost here, the Monkey is getting excited :-)

No fucking labour fucking system.  #archeage

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Holy sheep shit !!!!!!
What a way to start the New Year

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Janet McKay, 88, is believed to have gone missing while looking for the home she grew up in in Glasgow.

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Yeah lvl up for Mark Monkey


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I went a 5 day trip to Colorado's Rocky Lake and had a great time fishing for Rainbow Trout....Wish You Were Here....


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Mark Monkey on Fishing Planet.

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My Family and I sat down to eat one of Iceland Food Store's Beef Lasagne and as i chewed on my Lasagne this was inside it. I thought it had broke one of my teeth but i was ok, Imagine if I had swallowed this or one of the kids had got my plate. VERY ANGRY. 

A 1 inch long piece of hard plastic  I thought it was glass at first but it is hard plastic. Be warned everyone who shops at those stores. Please share so everyone knows

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Is this what you call parking !!! She just got out the car looked at her attempt at parking and laughed.

Take her fucking licence off her for 1 year and maybe the next time she will take the time to park like everyone else.


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Very good lol
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