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The Largest Custom Writable Wall Solution In The Nation?
The recently completed project at 143,000 square foot HQ in Santa Monica, California has received a decent amount of press coverage from notable mainstream publications such as Forbes magazine to more specialized publications such as Sign & Digital Graphics magazine. Primarily due to its wonderful aesthetic design, use of space, range of facilities for employees and unique features not seen anywhere else.

M+M Creative Studio (the creative force behind the project) and Metropolitan West have a long history working on many projects. The project was a perfect opportunity to match Metropolitan West’s graphic capabilities and graphic content to create awesome experiential graphics & creative solutions. The overall design is about movement, about cars, about Los Angeles – weaving the brand between all.

One of the main showcases of the project is what MetWest believes to be the largest installation of a customized printed writable wall solution. “WriteAWall” – a new vinyl solution that provides an excellent durable writable surface with the added feature of custom printing directly onto the vinyl giving unlimited possibilities to rival traditional whiteboards and paint on solutions.
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