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#NowPlaying Leafy Meadows per John Paul Jones +Francesca Fusaro 👍

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Scopri Do It Again da Steely Dan su Deezer

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Scopri Turn Of The Century (Remastered Version) (Remastered) da Yes su Deezer

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+Deezer Nice app but this a serious issue.
  I have one problem with the android application. I have fast mobile connection (LTE), but limited plan (to 2gb), as most people in Europe do.      
    My problem is that when you skip a song, even if you it rather fast in the first 2-3 seconds it still download it and blows away almost 5 Mb of data...
    If you do it alot of times, like i do when i want to actually discover music it uses insane amount of data  , yesterday i was looking at 400 mb for a little more than an hour. That means that in like 5 hours my data could be gone... 
   I consider this to be a very serious issue and i would like to see an option to not preload  whole songs over mobile networks, or do it after a couple of seconds so if you want to skip one, to skip the whole downloading proccess .
    My main use of Deezer is listening to music on my car and discovering new songs, so presyncing is a limited solution.  If this isn't addressed i really have no usability of this otherwise great service. 

  A simple option for the Buffer size would go a long way.  Basically simulate the behavior of having lower speed connection instead of downloading the whole song in 2 seconds... 

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Is there a solution to reduce as much as possible GPMAA data consumption on iOS? I read that it depends on the fact that the client has the bad habit to download (pre cache) the tracks. That is beautiful if i want to listen to an album but radio could be a real data hog if I skip frequently....#iOS #gpmaa Thank you

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Scopri Wake Me Up When September Ends da Green Day su Deezer

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