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Hey guys, today my phone finally broke completely, the phone I planned to get as my new phone is the one plus one but I haven't managed to get an invite yet.

Is there anybody who could offer me one or is there a faster way to get an invite? It's quite hard to get through the day without a phone ^^

Thanks in advance :)

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Grade endlich L6 geworden, ich hoffe dieses Wochenende noch L7, dann kann man endlich vernünftig Portale betücken :D

Just reached L6 on Ingress, might get annother 50k AP today :D

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Heyho I am working on a project that involve servos, which i would like to control with the pi, no extra boards and software pwm....

i think my code (nodejs) is correct:

function preciseTimeout(callback, ns) {
var t = process.hrtime();
setImmediate(function ticker(){
var nt = process.hrtime(t);
if((nt[0] * 1e9 + nt[1]) < ns) {
} else {

setInterval(function() {
gpio.write(12, 1, function(err) {});
preciseTimeout(function() {
gpio.write(12, 0, function(err) {});
}, 1500000);
}, 1000/50);

but what the servo does, it rotates freaky instead of standing still (1.5 ms should make it stand still with 50Hz right?)

i have added a 6v bat pack (4x 1.5 v aaa) with this circuit:

and i use this servo:

any ideas what i am doing wrong?
and i would like to not buy an external board ;)

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heyho, I recently watched some of the 6sec contest videos and the little tracking robo:

and i would like to build something like this (with rotating base and something else on top) but  i think he (or she...?) built it with a 3d printer (which i dont have)

so do you have any ideas how to build it for a heavy load of about 5-10kg (and without a 3d printer ^^) ?

thanks for your help :)
(a q&a section here would be helpful :D )

Can anyone help me get "aes-256-ctr" within the crypto module to work? as far as i know, ctr is for commutative cryptography...
so i would encrypt once, encrypt second time, decrypt with first key and decrypt with second key and the plain text should result...

Anyone noticed Jono wearing a fedora shirt in his Q&A? :D

Heyho android lovers,

today my granny asked me which "smartphone" i would suggest to buy :)

i wouldnt suggest her something other than android so i think this is a good place to ask :D

she needs a cheap device, posibly with a large screen (easier to read and touch bigger buttons) :)

and is there a launcher, that simplyfies starting just a few apps? i could probably configure apex or such to make it work but there might be a ready2go solution out there...?

so your suggestions for an androidpowered phone and a launcher for my granny? :)

Thanks ;)

//Robert ;)

Collected first experiences with secure boot --- BS!
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