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I'm moving from Tokyo to New York, and looking for a strong front-end dev to take my place at GILT Japan, an awesome client I've worked with over the past year.

Tokyo is an awesome and modern city, but most tech work here is anything but. GILT is different; it's basically a mature US startup transplanted smack in the middle of the city. If you're well-versed in building modern JavaScript apps, you should seriously check them out.

For details, head on over the gist:

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Launching a web site for my latest project, dōmo: Markup, style, and code in one language.

"We all know CSS. We all know HTML. Most of us agree that neither is powerful enough to build modern web apps, hence the explosion of CSS-preprocessors and templating engines."

"If we're going to build tools to improve browser technologies like CSS and HTML, let's build them using another browser technology: JavaScript. Instead of adding incompatible extensions to CSS and HTML, let's first port them as-is to JavaScript syntax and then do the extending there, where at least the tools we build will interoperate."

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sad that don lafontaine isn't around any more to narrate the movie trailer that needs to be made about this poignant moment.
The love that was never meant to be.
+Paul Irish and +Alex Sexton at +JSConf EU 
Photo by +Holger Blank 

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picking up from here, since google deleted the credentials i need to log in from my original account:
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