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Karen Fasimpaur
Serial builder. Yep, that could be me.
Serial builder. Yep, that could be me.

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Make with Me is livestreaming NOW at

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Ready for Make Cycle 2?

If so, it's here!

If not, stay calm and keep coloring.

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What did you do during CLMOOC 2017 week 1? Or how do you plan to make with us going forward?

Reflect with us at

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#netneutrality is something really important.

Make your voice heard:

* Battle for the Net : Tool to send comments to the FCC and Congress -
* : Customizable comments to the FCC -
* Save the Internet : Petition and background on net neutrality -

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And so it begins!

Here's everything you need to know for Make Cycle 1! Let's color.

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Do you know about the CLMOOC make bank?

It's a collection of "makes" or generalized project or activity ideas, for example, Make a meme, Make a 5-image story, Make a meal with local produce, etc.

Attached to each of these "makes" are examples and tutorials.

Makes are general enough that they might be interpreted or remixed differently by different people who try them out. A make should have sufficient information (and at least one example) that someone can get started on doing it.

This is a great resource that we've collaboratively built over the years and has been used by people teaching courses or just looking for something to do.

If one of the suggested "makes" in CLMOOC 2017 doesn't suit your fancy, you can find many alternatives here or upload one of your own!

As CLMOOC 2017 is starting, let's introduce ourselves.

Tell us FIVE things you want us to know about you!

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