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Arash Farzaneh
A writer, a dreamer and a cinephile
A writer, a dreamer and a cinephile

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Honesty is a Lonely Word: Lies in Personal and Professional Lives
is so untrue , Billy Joel complains in his song. It does
seem that honesty is lacking in today’s world. No matter where you look, you see that
dishonesty is gaining ground. This is not just limited to celebrities and politicians and the
media circu...

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Book Review of Philosophy: A Path to Peace
Who does not want peace? I know this is a rhetorical
question and I am also aware that there are a handful of people out there who as
a rule do no like peace. But for the rest of us, peace is the ideal state we are
striving for but why is it so incredibly h...

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Lifelong Bilingualism and its Effects on the Brain: UBC Quinn Memorial 2016
It was that time
of the year again for me to attend the next Quinn Memorial Lecture at UBC. This
annual event is filled with distinguished key speakers and the 2016 version
presented us with Dr. Ellen Bialystok , the Distinguished Research Professor of Psyc...

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Existential Analysis on how to understand and deal with Aggression
It was time for another enlightening talk by Alfried L ä ngle held at Vancouver’s St. Paul’s hospital and this
time around he was going to share with us his insights on aggression. The
questions that were on my mind were what causes aggression and how can i...

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Lalun: Music out of this World and the Quest for Peace
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a concert
entitled “Lalun – Dreams from Andalusia and the Silk Road” at the Vancouver
Playhouse. I was intrigued by this musical ensemble as they advertised
themselves as a globe-trotting world music group that was...

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Civilizing the Land: The Australian Western The Proposition
Proposition (2005) is written by alternative rock musician
and occasional novelist Nick Cave and is directed by John Hillcoat, perhaps
better known for his later atmospheric yet quite depressing movie The Road (2009) .  At first glance, the movie may ap...

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The American Founding Fathers – Heroes or Swindlers?
For some time now I have been quite fascinated with early
American history, including the founding fathers of the Revolution, the Declaration
of Independence, the US Constitution and the first presidents of the United
States – in short, the global experimen...

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Intimate Relationship between Astrophysics and Arts
One of my constant and recurrent joys is to attend the
exquisite lectures of the Unveiling the Universe series presented by TRIUMF and
held at Science World. Last night we had the pleasure to see S. James Gates
Jr., a renowned American scientist who has inv...

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American Use of Atomic Bombs to Show Power
On August 6 and August 9, 1945, the United States under
Harry Truman and despite criticism from General Eisenhower and Manhattan
Project scientists dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima
and Nagasaki, respectively. The first explosion ...

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Publication of my First Novel: Marcel Legrand’s Love Affairs
I am very excited to have my first novel published online! Love Affairs: Tales of Love, Romance, and Sex is available
for purchase  for only $1.99 at Smashwords as well as at a number of retailers,
including iBooks!   If you have a couple
of extra bucks sta...
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