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When it comes to motorcycle parts, Import Cycle has you covered. We have new and used parts for motorcycles and ATVs, including a number of trusted tire brands. We are proud to offer quality used parts from our salvage yard, as well as shipped in from outside but trusted sources. If we don't have the parts you need, we can find out who does through our online database of used motorcycle parts.

Not only do we have a wide variety of used parts, we also carry several new ones as well, including:

• Tires
• Chains
• Batteries
• Spark Plugs
• And so much more!

As a worldwide distributor of motorcycle parts, if we do not have what you need in stock, we can get it shipped out, often on the same day. So you won't be left waiting for your part to come in.

Not only do we carry a large selection of parts, but we also carry ATV, dirt bike, and motorcycle tires from name brands you can trust, including:

• Avon
• Bridgstone
• Continental
• Dunlap
• Duro
• Irs
• Kenda
• Maxis
• Metzeler
• Michelin
• Pireli
• Shinkos
• VRubber
• And More!

Here at Import Cycle, we do more than just sell motorcycle parts and tires, we are fully qualified and skilled to install them for you as well. This includes doing tire mounts and balances.

For more information on our motorcycle parts and tires, please give the professional and knowledgeable staff at Import Cycle a call, send us your questions at our website, or swing on by our shop. We proudly serve the San Bernardino County, Riverside, CA and surrounding areas.

As a motorcycle salvage yard in the San Bernardino County, Riverside, CA and surrounding areas, Import Cycle has the parts you need. Our helpful, knowledgeable, and professional staff will more than gladly help you find the part you need and figure out your mechanical problem. We know our bikes, inside and out.

We have bikes in a number of makes and models to make your motorcycle salvage trip a success. If we don't happen to have the part you are looking for, as a worldwide distributor, we are able to find a place that does through our online database, for free. 

Motorcycle salvage is a great way to find replacement parts for less than buying new. Also, for discontinued older models, parts may no longer be available for purchase, making salvaging necessary to keep your bike in the best shape. For customers with a taste for 4 wheel sporting, we also have ATV salvage services so you can get replacement parts as well. 

To help keep our motorcycle salvage yard fully stocked with a range of makes and models, we gladly buy used motorcycles past their prime. If your bike or ATV has been declared totaled, you want to upgrade to a newer model, or the cost of repairs to the bike wouldn't be worth the cost the bike, we will buy it. No matter the condition, we want it.

If you have any questions about Import Cycle's motorcycle salvage yard, or want to see if we have a part you need, give our friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff a call. You can also reach us online, or stop in to check out our bikes for yourself.

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Here at Import Cycle, we know our bikes, inside and out. We have stayed up to date with all the latest technologies in regards to motorcycle repair and rebuilding, including the newer 4 stroke engines. We have the skills, equipment, and passion to complete all your motorcycle repair needs in house, including:

• Heads
• Cranks
• Lower Ends
• Case Replacement
• Transmissions
• Stock or Modified Parts
• Complete Engine Rebuilds or Single Parts

We have been in business for over 18 years, and since then have become a trusted motorcycle shop in the Riverside and San Bernardino Country areas. Our mechanics have over 30 years of experience working on all types of bikes, such as:

• Standards
• Sports
• Cruisers
• Off Road Racing
• And More

We believe in treating our customers like the valuable assets they are. All work is done in house and we are able to get parts shipped within the same day. This allows us to get the work done quicker than other places. As a worldwide distributor of motorcycle parts, if we don't have the part in stock, we can get it quickly.

Import Cycle is pleased to say we have an outstanding repeat customer base and have grown in large part to word of mouth from satisfied customers. Over the years we have watched many shops come and go, and have been able to remain a trusted source for motorcycle repair thanks to our outstanding customer services, in house rebuilding abilities, and quality workmanship. 

For more information about our motorcycle repair services and engine rebuilding, please give the professional and dedicated staff at Import Cycle a call or send us your questions via the online contact form. To speak with an expert, you can also bring your bike into our shop.

At Import Cycle, motorcycles are our specialty. With new or used parts, salvage services, repair and more, our mechanics have the experience they need to get your bike back on the road quickly! 

Our customers are very important to us and we go the extra mile each time to ensure they receive the best customer service, workmanship, and value we can muster. Not only will we expertly repair your motorcycle, but we will advise you on what happened, why it happened, and how to keep it from happening again.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Import Cycle know their bikes inside and out. This allows us to quickly pinpoint the problem and come up with a solution quickly. From tune ups to complete engine rebuilds, we have the experience, training, and skills to complete your job right the first time.

We proudly serve Riverside, CA, San Bernardino County and surrounding areas in all their motorcycle repair needs. Motorcycle repair may be our bread and butter, but at Import Cycle, we are also a worldwide distributor of motorcycle and ATV parts, both new and used. If we don't have your part in stock, we will find it for you.

To show our customers how much we care, we have a free service for those purchasing used motorcycles. You and the bike's seller can bring the bike in, for free, and our staff will take a look and let you know if there are any problems with it. We also do motorcycle sales and ATV sales. 

For more information about our motorcycle repair, salvage or parts services in the San Bernardino Country, Riverside, CA and surrounding areas, please give Import Cycle a call, swing by our shop, or send us a message through our online contact form.
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