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Kay Ehrmantrout
I am a scientist by occupation, Civil War re-enactor with my husband, hobbyist cake decorator on the weekends and amateur cook.
I am a scientist by occupation, Civil War re-enactor with my husband, hobbyist cake decorator on the weekends and amateur cook.

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Christmas 2015
J and I have been busy preparing for baby.  I made some Christmas cards this year.  Here are our Christmas Card photos, courtesy of my friend Scarlett.  We took them at the Gateway Mall water fountain Christmas Tree display on December 11th.  I really wante...

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Gender Reveal Cake Pops
It is a Boy, A Girl, or are we going to be progressive parents and let our baby decide what gender they want to be.  Or Baby was not cooperating and the Ultrasound technician could not determine the gender at this appointment and we will have to re-schedule...

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Week 20: Banana
Week 20.  Baby is the size of a banana.  I decided to make Banana cream pie.  The recipe I found surprised me.  Instead of making banana pudding, which I anticipated, my recipe called for vanilla pudding and just added sliced bananas to the bottom and top o...

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Chocolate Roulade, Chocolate Jelly Roll
My brother's birthday was yesterday.  He requested a chocolate cake for dessert.  I told him, "No problem, a Chocolate cake is easy".  Then I went and made is harder and turned it into a Chocolate roulade.  It was really not that hard.  I just had never suc...

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I hear that ginger is a good natural remedy for morning sickness.  I have had pretty bad morning sickness during this pregnancy.  I also have pretty bad cake cravings.  A Gingercake would take care of both of my problems.  Right?  I should add that this tas...

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Week 17: Turnip
Week 17:  F1 baby is the size of a turnip.  I have no turnip jokes.   Turnips are just not funny.  I made Turnip stew. Turnip stew 1 cup chicken broth Salt, Pepper, Italian Seasoning, or any seasoning 1+ pounds of potatoes, peeled, and cut into 1" pieces 1 ...

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Apple Dumplings
I found this darling recipe in my 1978 Betty Crocker cookbook.  The cookbook was a wedding gift to my parents.  I "borrowed" it from my Mom a couple of years ago.  To this day it still has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever tried.  The cookie...

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Week 15: Orange
 Week 15.  F1 is the size of an orange.  To celebrate Orange week I decided to make an Orange themed dessert.  I only had one orange for photography purposes.  Orangeya glad we're having a baby.  Orange Bars Just like lemon bars, only different. 1 cup flour...

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J and K's F1
F1 generation, for first filial, referring to offspring.  F1 (genetics) the first filial generation which is comprised of offspring(s) resulting from a cross between strains of distinct genotypes.  The F1 generation is the generation resulting immediately f...

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Strawberry Short Cake
Angel Food Cake is perfect for Strawberry Shortcake.  I used to watch the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon.  I used to play with Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  I even had the Strawberry doll house.  Every once in a while I like to pretend that I am inviting all t...
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