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PyData London 2014
How to Create Interactive Browser Visualizations from Python with Bokeh
Bryan Van De Ven

Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library for large datasets that natively uses the latest web technologies. Its goal is to provide elegant, concise construction of novel graphics in the style of Protovis/D3, while delivering high-performance interactivity over large data to thin clients. This tutorial will walk users through the steps to create different kinds of interactive plots using Bokeh. We will cover using Bokeh for static HTML output, the IPython notebook, and plot hosting and embedding using the Bokeh server.


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I've revived my blog, at Be there or be square.

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I hadn't heard of hipnet at all before the show. And was too busy sorting out the #bufferbloat demo to play with interop with #homenet and #hipnet. (there are presently some mods to the bird routing daemon that aren't in quagga, so I didn't have much hope for homenet, but figured hipnet was doable)

It was a darn good set of demos overall, and the really wonderful part was all three router concepts were running #openwrt !!! Open source to the rescue of the internet!

In the cerowrt case, the new dhcpv6-pd code in openwrt head worked PERFECTLY, and we had ipv6 dns working... the two routers shown here were meshed together and there was a wifi meshed router completely across the room running ahcp. But nobody noticed that part... They were too agog at the difference in page load times and the quake responsiveness with fq_codel running. I talked until my throat dried up then +Anthony Veiga took over and did a great job.

Tomek from isc (author of dibbler) asked how big the odhcpv6 daemon was - so we looked. It was 800k in memory (most of it shared), and 24k on disk. He shook his head in amazement, and walked away...

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added to the queue; high probability of awesome

What do we think of the Tropo/AT&T API effort?

What is this weird thing about "I won't give a running commentary" as an answer-like product for government ministers? They all say it, so it must be a talking point/media training lesson.

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I hadn't seen exactly how the ads were meant to work. Pretending Veolia Environnement Sewer Management wants to join your conversation. Jesus.
I've heard someone call Skype ad recipients freeloaders, justifying the adverts. I don't think "free-loader" applies to Skype users that don't hand Skype money.

Skype's value proposition comes from the number of people connected to its network, the number of customers with dialtone. Without all those indirectly monetized customers, Skype wouldn't be growing, would be only a fraction of its size (ten million active users instead of a quarter billion?) and be no threat or much value to anyone.

Aside from how in-call ads butcher user experience and Skype's brand, this looks like a patient management decision.

Imagine the conversation. Skype's integration team is meeting one week with the Microsoft advertising folks, looking for surfaces where ads can flow... Check; lots of visits, a top site worldwide. We can sell it like we do MSN.

Premium listings in Skype's directory search results? Skype did that in the past and we can try it again; let's add that to the development queue and see if we can pair that with Bing local search.

How about the Skype home tab seen when you start the client? Check; but very few people see this and click throughs are sub-par.

Can we place ads in the main window, where the screen real estate is precious and is on display all day? No; test users showed massive resistance and it interfered with basic use of the app. Yes, we know Windows Live Messenger (right, not Live anymore) has ads; why do you think we Messenger is a second-tier IM client?

How about ads in the calls themselves? Can we have intro announcements before the call connects? This delays the gratification between hitting the 'call' button and talking with someone; we have high abandonment.

OK, how about if we just show a display ad during a call? They can't close the window; they are stuck in a call, looking at the ad. And forget banner blindness; it's right next to the faces of the people they are calling, so we can almost guarantee the ad gets seen. If they don't like it they can click on a tiny 'close this ad' space; some will miss and we'll get a click; others will close it and we'll have even more proof they saw the ad. Right!

And if that doesn't work we can sell branded ringtones so this month millions of Skype clients ring to the KFC jingle.

Meanwhile, in another room...

Look, we all know the real money isn't in in-client advertising. But Skype for Azure won't be ready as a platform until next summer. Same with our Bing click-to-call service, our enterprise UC console, our Hangouts killer, and our talk-along-with-Netflix app. So let them have their monstrous ads; we'll measure the hell out of it and come back with hard data later this year. Meanwhile, smile, be supportive and make this whole we're-friends-with-the-suits thing work.

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Determined to share this with everyone I know. The '52 Kangaroos at Keighley Rugby League, with superb slogan "TAYLOR'S - FOR MEN OF THE NORTH" on the Scrattin Shed.

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