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Observable Universe Logarithmic Illustration
The entire known universe in a single image.
The entire known universe in a single image.

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The image is free to use. You can print yourself a poster, stamp it on a shirt, use it on your social networking profile or whatever you want with it. My illustrations will allways be free to use. I'm accepting donations to further expand educational infographics. If you appreciate my work I encourage you to make a small donation. Thank you!

Yes! I'll donate a small amount to your drawings:

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New image released by Pablo about Orders of Magnitude!

PNG version:

Animated version w/music:

Wikipedia page about Orders of magnitude:

You may not use the material for commercial purposes.


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Maile Urbancic has created this Universe Necklace that shines when it is presented before a bright background!

"It has been a pleasure to work with your art, and I hope that the jewelry brings happiness and a feeling of connection with this beautiful universe to many people."

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Random records of our adventures through the streets of Huentota Valley. There own themes, other friend's including Nueve Millas, Eter DUB, The Skanking Ganjazz and some Jamaican 70's classics If you like what you hear stay tunedl!

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The "The Saknking Ganjazz" project is a handful of songs that are born as the most visceral vomit of "Weils Piuk" mythical character. Declared persona non grata in several institutional headquarters, singer and clarinetist of Biciswing, trumpeter in Nueve Millas and concierge rehearsal room of 9MFK, several swear to have seen him in situations where magic seems to be involved. In any case let the sounds spewed by the whale speak for themselves ... With you: THE SKANKING Ganjazz presented and executed by Awe Plant!

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KickSkinz installed this custom skin to the bass drum of drummer Gabriel Barajas Jr. from San Antonio, Texas!

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Melissa from LostInSpaceJewelry made a dazzling necklace and a key ring from the images and they are now up for sale on etsy!

One of the very few items for sale in the Universe that pays me a percentage of the earnings. So I invite you all to get this wearable beautiful things made by hand with much love and at the same time reward me for my work and help me keep creating new cosmic art!


key ring:

Double sided Artists logarithmic scale conception of the universe by Pablo Carlos Budassi, set under 38mm glass domes that are bonded together with resin to create a two sided orb. Set into a sterling silver chain setting, the orb floats freely, able to spin around in the setting. This necklace can be worn with either image facing out, giving you two necklaces in one! 

I designed the setting very simply, to not detract from the beauty of the images, choosing to highlight them with small garnets and simple sterling silver chain. It closes with a lobster clasp and measures 18”. Please message me with requests for shorter or longer chains. 

This necklace features the gorgeous work of musician and artist, Pablo Carlos Budassi. The necklace is double sided, one side encapsulates the entire cosmos in a single image, the other side the local region of the universe with our Solar System is more prominently featured. 
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Eric Porter‎ > Observable Universe Logarithmic Illustration

I'm sharing your amazing art on my drum set. Thank you!
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