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I think everyone today, if possible, should watch Community the normal way. Ads and all. I would hate to see it cancelled, but watching a show at a specific time sounds terrible. Ads certainly don`t help. #Conflicts   #Community   #october19th   #sixseasonsandamovie  

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Just got my custom  #nexus7 sleeve from #Rickshaw . Great quality and I highly recommend it.
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I swear I have muted Paris Hilton at least 10 times... Can someone please explain how #mute works. #googleplushelp 

Well that blew up in your face microsoft.. and just a side note I deal with phones every day and have for over 2 years now. I haven't once seen anyone get a virus. I have however seen plenty of windows viruses and blue screens. #windowsrage  

I got an #ingress  Invite. Now if only it wasn't so damn cold and snowy. #Canadaproblems  

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A detailed account on why someone is leaving the Apple ecosystem at least when it comes to phones . I'd be interested to read a follow up on this for sure.

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Me walking someone through changing their password.
" OH do I have to enter my old password"
Uh yes yes you do..
" Oh that wasn't evident to me"


Unsure if I agree with kids getting things cheaper / free. On the one hand I may benefit from it greatly in the future. On the other it encourages parents to bring loud noisy kids everywhere. Maybe 5 year olds getting iPhones/iPads isn't such a bad thing... at least then they can be calm and play angry birds instead of bring terror to everyday activities. 
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