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All in One Kids Day Care and Learning Center
Molding Your Child To Be The Best He Can Be
Molding Your Child To Be The Best He Can Be


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EMF Summer Program 2017. Call us at 929-331-4000 or send as an email at for more details. #preschool #SummerCamp2017
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Benefits of Music for Children

Get your child to listen to music while they are young and have them reap the benefits that music brings such as:

• Listening to music will decrease your young one's stress levels and help them relax.
• Singing along to a song with lyrics isn't just fun, it will also help your child boost their memory skills.
• If your young one gets hurt, music will soothe them and distract them from their pain.
• Having your child listen to their favorite songs will help them fight feelings of depression and anxiety.

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Help Your Child Grow

As the loving parent of a child, you want to see your kiddo grow physically and mentally. You can help your child grow by:

• Encouraging your young one to get physically active every day
• Providing healthy meals and snacks for your tot. Feed them foods rich in calcium and vitamin D to keep their bones strong
• Reading with or to your child every night
• Supporting your kid in their endeavors - Be there for your child.
• Giving them love and care
• Making sure your child gets enough sleep every night

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Enroll Your Child in Daycare

Being a new parent is not easy. Having to provide for your kiddo and having to take care of them at the same time is a struggle. Enroll your child in All in One Kids Day Care and Learning Center. While you are at work, we will provide your kiddo with the compassion and the care they need. Your young one will learn how to:

• Respect other human beings and their belongings.
• Share with others.
• Properly communicate.
• Express themselves.

#AllinOneKids #DayCareandLearningCenter
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Crack Open a Book

There are some children in school who struggle greatly when it comes to reading. As a parent, encourage your child to read at a young age. Before going to bed, crack open a book and dive into another world together. When you read to your child, you:

• Are able to spend time and bond with them.
• Help them expand their vocabulary.
• Encourage them to use their imagination.
• Prepare them for when they have to read at school.
• Teach them early on to love reading for pleasure.

#AllinOneKids #DayCareandLearningCenter #Books
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The Benefits of Theatre for Your Tot

Does your child show potential to be a performer? Get your kiddo involved in the performing arts. Participating in plays and shows will greatly benefit your young one. Getting your child to go up on a stage to perform may sound terrifying, but theatre will ultimately give them the advantage in life that they need. Theatre will help your kid to:

• Express themselves in a healthy way.
• Make friends with other children.
• Grow to be a more confident human being.
• Learn how to be more sympathetic and empathetic to others.
• Increase their attention span.
• Communicate with others in the right way.

#AllinOneKids #DayCareandLearningCenter #Theatre
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Fun Things to Do with Your Kid

The attention spans of children tend to be very short. You may hear your young one often declaring that they are bored at home. Get creative and do fun activities with your child.

• Do arts and crafts together.
• Cook a meal and bake a delicious dessert together.
• Go on a trip. Take a trip to the beach, go to the park, visit a museum.
• Read a book to/with your child.
• Make a fort in your living room together.

#AllinOneKids #DayCareandLearningCenter 
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Limit Your Kids' TV Time

Watching silly cartoons and other funny television shows is something most children love to do, but too much TV time can:

• Cause your child to be overweight.
• Expose your young one to things they aren't ready for.
• Decrease the intelligence and creativity levels of your kiddo.

Control how much time your child watches TV and be consistent with your TV rules.

• Keep the remote control hidden. 
• Avoid putting a TV in your tot's room.
• Watch TV with your young one.

#AllinOneKids #DayCareandLearningCenter #TV
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Celebrate Your Child's Uniqueness

Every child learns in different ways. Uniqueness should be celebrated. At All in One Kids Day Care and Learning Center, we adjust to meet your young one's needs and help them grow in their own special way. #AllinOneKids
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