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Rob Alfano

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Better late than never, here is my Google homepage project...
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Good morning Rob, nice job getting the look and feel of the Google page! There are some issues to go over though.

First the page seems to be built with your resolution in mind rather than scaleable for other resolutions.

First the nav at the top shouldn't wrap. I suggest looking into the style white-space as W3C has good documentation to show how to use this.

In regards to the logobox dont use absolute positioning. Instead set a width for the container and use margin:0 auto to center it on the page.

Also I would suggest running your page through the W3 validator ( to see if there are issues before posting it. Give it a try and you will see some issues to resolve.

Keep up the great work!
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Rob Alfano

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Hey, I'm Rob and I am currently working as a marketing manager, my team (Vinnie, Mike, David and Holly) and I are all taking the class together.  Although we create websites and do SEO on a daily basis we have seen the need to know more about websites on a deeper level which led us to this class.  Hope we all learn some cool things that will make us better web professionals!
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