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Ronan Cray
Writer, Traveler, Man
Writer, Traveler, Man
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Book Trailer for my new novel Dust Eaters North, a post-apocalyptic zombie adventure.

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Get my game! Now available on Google Play. 

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Haunting Social Media
Andrea Van Orsouw Haunting. It sounds better than stalking. Because it is. A stalker shows up outside your house. They look through your mail. They wait for you at your favorite places. They peek in the windows. They want to be a part of your life. A big pa...

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After nine months of hard work, The Lamb of Wall Street is now ready to play. Download it on your tablet here! (Yes, it's not free, but it only costs as much as a Starbucks coffee. Give it a shot!)

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Don't Blog Drunk III
Alcohol is a depressant. We forget that as we dance the night away.  But soon it opens our eyes to the tired people around us. The women, desperate trollops dressed up in hopes of impregnation.  The men, in fits of testosterone fury. All reduced to the base...

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Maslow and Prosopagnosia
I live in New
York, and every building I walk into has a man behind a desk asking me to sign
in. I think about those men. For eight hours a day they sit at a desk, bored
beyond belief. They expend 1000 calories, occupy two square feet, consume 185
liters of...

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How to Take Criticism
Be as humble in victory as in defeat.  This week one of my
novels won an award, but I did not attend the ceremony. I'd like to say I
eschew popular support or that I write for arts' sake or some similar nonsense.
No. The truth is, I avoided it. I am very gr...

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Five Promotion Mistakes Writers Make
Now more than ever, all authors must self-promote in order to survive. But how do you do that without irritating your audience? Here are five things to watch out for: Self-promotion on
Twitter. One word. Don’t. This holds for any form of social media. Too o...
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