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Remembering our good fight...
Today would've been mine and Jay's 32nd anniversary. One of the hardest things that I've dealt with in regards to my loss is the fading memory of every small precious moment I want to hang onto as time goes on, but I hold tightly to a few that time will nev...

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In His Grace
I thought that getting past the one year anniversary of Jay's passing would bring change, and it has. The first year of loss you're in such shock that you simply float through the process. When moments of relief come here and there you take that opportunity...

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Celebrating a Beautiful Life
Today were celebrating a second birthday without our beloved Jay. He would've been 50 today, and this week would've have been filled with plans for a big celebration to mark such a special occasion. But instead we find ourselves reflecting on memories that ...

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Eternal Days
Teach me Lord in all thy ways, t hat I may know eternal days, filled with joy and songs of praise.  "Hallelujah, Hallelujah..." Today marks the one year anniversary of Jay's journey home and I'm finding myself struggling with raw grief once again. My first ...
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