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Greetings to All out there:

Text Massages, Abbreviations or Treads on Google+ Social Network:
Adding a text massage or tread is all about a method of testing the Audion`s, on the end its free of speech, but there`s rules.

Response to the Tread or Message:
Some stay quite, others get worked-up, irritated by what they read, attacking the speaker with abbreviations & join the negative or positive one`s. Others will join to help or teach others on a open and free social and media boards..

Action to Take, its Free:
The biggest action is to re-act on your feelings and be part of the article to learn more about yourself by trying re-present the best of yourself to the world or global network out there. You will be cleaning your head, because what was your first attention to search the subject, write what you feel and send after editing?

Try to low down with symbols:
Keep it simple to all Interested, by a message and alerts your trying to send into the world.

Advertising, Marketing and Alerts:
There will always be a driver at the back of the wheel, some will hand over to a other administrator, while other declare the page open to all. But all of them will come back and ad there marketing or advertising strategy to the page, if its on Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, Reddit......
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Advice for the Social Alcoholics, to get organized .
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