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We'll Make YOU Famous!!
We'll Make YOU Famous!!

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Just help another business overcome Mobilegeddon!  Their site is now #mobilefriendly  and #mobile  responsive!

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Something you should know about Gmail and Google+!
Have you heard about Google's new announcement about Gmail and Google+?

Would appreciate LOTS of +1s and shares!  I'm going to host a webinar on how to leverage this to EXPLODE your business in 2014, so be sure to CIRCLE ME as this is where I'm going to be announcing it!

Happy New Year!  Definitely excited about 2014 and help #smallbusiness  owners succeed!  If you own a business, what is the biggest challenge you are facing?

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We just updated our Google Plus page with our new custom URL!  Wish we could either capital the first letter of each name OR add dashes in between words as an option... but hey, WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY better than 20 numbers!!!

Totally loving our new intern Elizabeth.... hey now! just in the professional sense, alright?! 

We are going to be launching a awesome new service and when we do, we will be giving away free access to some cool software to help small business owners get more customer, quickly and easily!

Be sure to circle and add us to your bell in the upper right corner of your Google + page! 
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