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We're supporting some wonderful UK organisations, including Generating Genius ( and the Bletchley Park Trust (, as part of a series of grants announced today. The grants focus on education, technology and the fight against modern day slavery, and total $40m worldwide.

For more detail, check out the Official Google Blog ( and our Google Gives Back site (

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Powerful before-and-after Street View imagery of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

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Google UK has a Google+ Page!
Are you interested in updates about product launches and events of Google in the UK then add the GoogleUK + page to your circles! We'll also be hosting regular hangouts with Googlers to talk about life at Google UK and the projects on which they're working so watch this space!

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Things I never thought would happen #2019293 - I'm in Glamour magazine (though somewhat less prominently than +Zayna Aston and +Nicola Rennison )!

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I love being a Fulham fan...

An open letter from the Chairman, in response to media reports in Saturday’s newspapers incorporating comments from former Manager Mark Hughes:

What a strange man Mark Hughes is. Sacked by Manchester City, he was becoming a forgotten man when I rescued him to become manager of Fulham Football Club.

Even when results were bad, I did not put pressure on him. I gave him every support -- financial, moral and personal.

He fully negotiated a two-year extension to his contract. On the day he was due to sign, he walked out without the courtesy of a proper explanation.

And now he insults the club, saying it lacks ambition, and the players who delivered an 8th. position finish last season and a place in the Europa League.

He is not just disrespectful but entirely wrong. Fulham has just announced plans for a splendid new riverside stand that will substantially increase the capacity of Craven Cottage.

In every aspect of its work, Fulham is a progressive club with a top manager in Martin Jol, the man we had really wanted when Hughes was appointed.

We shall endeavour to prosper without him simply because, when the challenge came, it was not the Club but Mark Hughes who lacked the courage and ambition to take on the task of leadership. If people are looking for a flop, they only have to no further than the man who has lost his spark.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Al Fayed,

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For anyone who hasn't seen the Good To Know campaign from Google and Citizens Advice, here's another full page ad in today's Times!

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Good choice +Jack Riley :)

For anyone who hasn't seen it, here's a blog post which outlines the main features:

Unwrapping Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus
10/18/2011 08:29:00 PM
(Cross-posted on the Google Mobile blog)

Beaming a video with a single tap or unlocking a device with only a smile sounds like science fiction. Now, you can actually do these things (and more) with a phone that fits in the palm of your hand.

Wednesday morning in Hong Kong—together with Samsung—we unveiled Galaxy Nexus, the first phone designed for the latest release of Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

With a super slim profile, Galaxy Nexus features a 4.65” Contour Display with true high definition (720p) resolution and a lightning-fast dual core 1.2ghz processor combined with 4G LTE or HSPA+ technology. Galaxy Nexus also features the latest in software: Ice Cream Sandwich makes Android simple and beautiful, and takes the smartphone to beyond smart.

Beauty and simplicity
With Ice Cream Sandwich, our mission was to build a mobile OS that works on both phones and tablets, and to make the power of Android enticing and intuitive. We created a new font that’s optimized for HD displays and eliminated all hardware buttons in favor of adaptable software buttons. We also dramatically improved the keyboard, made notifications more interactive and created resizable widgets.

The desktop-class browser is significantly faster, featuring a refined tab manager and the ability to sync your bookmarks with Google Chrome. Ice Cream Sandwich also features the best mobile Gmail experience to date, with a new design that lets you quickly swipe through your inbox and search messages even when you’re offline. Calendar boasts a clean new look and you can zoom into your schedule with a pinch.

Connect and share
People are at the heart of Ice Cream Sandwich. We rethought how you browse your contacts with the new People app, which combines high-resolution photos and updates from Google+ and other social services. It’s also easier to capture and share your life with family and friends. Galaxy Nexus sports a high-end camera with zero shutter lag, automatic focus, top notch low-light performance and a simple way to capture panoramic pictures. Shoot amazing photos or 1080p video, and then edit and share them directly from your phone.

Beyond smart
Galaxy Nexus isn’t just a smartphone—it’s beyond smart. Ice Cream Sandwich gives you complete control over the amount of mobile data you use by helping you better understand and manage it. We’re also introducing Android Beam, which uses near field communication (NFC) to instantly share webpages, YouTube videos, maps, directions and apps by simply tapping two phones together. Face Unlock uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to unlock your phone with nothing more than a smile.

This weekend marks the third birthday of the G1, the first-ever Android phone. Nine releases later, more than 550,000 Android devices are activated daily.

Starting in November, Galaxy Nexus will be available in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Check out the Nexus website for a product tour and more info.

Posted by Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President, Mobile
Can't really imagine owning a phone with two xs in its name, but still; I think I'm goin g to go for a Galaxy Nexus.

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Cool ad in today's Guardian about the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu using Google+ Hangouts. You can watch it again at
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A must for tomorrow 9.30am UK time - join a Google+ Hangout with His Holiness the Dalai Lama & Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama will have a conversation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu by live video over a Hangout (Google+'s video conferencing platform) as part of the Inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 8, 2011, starting at 10:30am South African time (GMT+2.00). A link to the Google+ Hangout will be available approximately 20-30 minutes before the event begins.

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Ollie Rickman changed his profile photo.
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