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Roger Federer On The Rebound In 2014? - News From 7 Continents | NDJ World

Roger Federer is starting the 2014 ATP tournament exceptionally strong. The 32 year old moved without much difficulty to the first final's m

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dogs from different breeds, analyzed dog behavior while having 5,582 urine breaks and 1,893 #2 breaks. What the scientists uncovered amazed

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Facebook users have filed a class action privacy violation lawsuit against the social site, accusing the company of scanning private user me

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Kim Jong-un Used Starving Dogs To Kill His Uncle - News From 7 Continent...

Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea, ordered to have his uncle killed by a 120 ravaging hunting dogs. Kim Jong-Un, North Korea's dictator, sm

Toddler Cuts Parents' Savings Money To Bits - News From 7 Continents | N...

savings money. Photo Credit: Huffington Post And the toddler's 27 year old mother Liu Fan approved of what he did and saw nothing wrong with

NSA Wants To Build A Super Spy Computer - News From 7 Continents | NDJ W...

NSA has plans to build a super computer that will allow them to spy on anything and anyone in the world. NSA headquarters in Fort Meade. The

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banker Aubrey Lee Price left behind a note in June 2012, saying he was going to commit suicide by jumping from a ferry, authorities believed

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marijuana became legal in Colorado; the first state in the US to legalize weed for strictly recreational use. Colorado is first in the US to

Roger Federer Still Has The Magic - News From 7 Continents | NDJ World

Roger Federer is by many considered an 'old man' in the game of tennis. And at 32 years of age, the Swiss has for the first time in his lucr

Walmart Pulls Donkey Meat From Shelves In China - News From 7 Continents...

Walmart, with stores also in China, is forced to pull its donkey meat packages from store shelves in the Asian country after an investigatio

Yet Another Car Explosion Rocks Beirut - News From 7 Continents | NDJ World

BEIRUT - Yet another car explosion shakes the foundation of building in Beirut Lebanon on Thursday, killing 4 people and injuring at least 6

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brains and other human tissue. One of the jars with a human brain stolen from the Museum Of Medical History in Indianapolis. Photo Credit: A

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