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As Ozaru (大猿) means "Great Ape" we naturally had to take part in the #GreatGorillaRun again this year. So far we've raised over £600... but we're still far short of our target, and the Gorilla Organization (+The Official Page of the Gorilla Organization and the Great Gorilla Run) still needs more donations to help it support the critically endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and DRC - in harmony with the human communities around them - so even if you can only spare a little, do please sponsor us via:

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Now that +World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April (or World Book 'Night' - the UK likes to be different!) is over, it's time to reveal what we've been working on for several months: a major new set of releases, all happening in two weeks' time. Details below...

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If you've not yet met our popular author Sally Aviss, there are plenty of opportunities to do so coming up:

- The Arts Crafts & Vintage Fair run by +UKCraftFairs as part of Nostalgia Day at +The Grand Folkestone (1 May) - particularly relevant as Sally's latest book 'Message from Captivity' overlaps historically with the recent nostalgic hit film, 'Another Mother's Son'.
- A book signing at +Waterstones Ashford (17 June)
- Further craft fairs at the +Ashford International Hotel (26 November) and again at The Grand, Folkestone (10 December)

Do drop by and say hello!

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Gary Heath's two travelogues "Travels in Taiwan" and "West of Arabia" will be going out of print on 1 January 2017. You can still order either one until 31 December - your last chance - but we're also giving away three copies of the latter. To win, click through to the RaffleCopter site via and enter your details - or simply let us know by private message.

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If you're in/near Rye, East Sussex tomorrow lunchtime (Saturday 10), you can catch our author Sally Aviss signing copies of her new novel Message from Captivity at The Rye Bookshop (+The Rye Bookshop). They'll also have copies of the Cairnmor Trilogy (The Call of Cairnmor, Changing Times Changing Tides, and Where Gloom and Brightness Meet).

If you're not... well you can get all of these from all good bookshops (bricks & mortar or online), as well as directly from us.

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Our next book - a standalone novel by Sally Aviss, author of the Cairnmor trilogy - is out on 6 December.

That's St Nicholas's Day, and there's a triple connection: we're based in St Nicholas-at-Wade, Sally lives in St Nicholas Road, and the story features a (fictional) location called Saint Nicolas.

The meticulously researched plot combines insights into the WW2 evacuation of the Channel Islands with espionage, drama and romance...

Available for pre-order now.

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It's the year of the ape, so Team Ōzaru have recklessly decided to do the #GreatGorillaRun again. In past years we jointly raised over £7300. This year our target's £880 (the number of mountain gorillas still alive). Please be generous: the easiest way is via

+The Official Page of the Gorilla Organization and the Great Gorilla Run

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An encouraging article from the Observer. Has the Three Percent barrier been broken, though?

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Sally Aviss has another signing arranged - if you're in the area, please come and say hello! #EastKent  

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8. Mai 1923: Anneli Wiemer wird in Mikalbude geboren, später umbenannt in Mickelau, später noch Suchkovo, in Ostpreußen, jetzt Kaliningradskaya Oblast.
8. Mai 1945: Am Tag der Kriegsende - "Frieden war meine bisher beste Geburtstagsgeschenk" - trifft sie ihren späteren Mann, ein Waliser.
8. Mai 2008: Ozaru Books veröffentlicht ihre Geschichte als unser erstes Buch,

[Извините за машинного перевода]
8 мая 1923: Аннели Вимер родился в Микалбуде, позже переименованный Микэлау, ещё позже Сучково, в Восточной Пруссии, ныне Калининградская область.
8 мая 1945: На день окончания Второй мировой войны - "Мир был мой лучший подарок на день рождения когда-либо" - она встречает своего будущего мужа, валлиец.
8 мая 2008: Ozaru Books публикует её историю как наша первая книга,

8/5/1923: Anneli Wiemer is born in Mikalbude, later renamed Mikelau, later still Suchkovo, then in East Prussia, now Kaliningradskaya Oblast in Russia
8/5/1945: On the day war ends - "my best birthday present ever" - she meets her future husband
8/5/2008: Ozaru Books publishes her story as our first book:
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