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Ghosts of Kalidria
For 300 years Kalidria has been calm, but no longer
For 300 years Kalidria has been calm, but no longer

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Check out the new developments with the Gods of Kalidria. Also new adventure logs have been posted from the party.

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Live Play of Session Two. The mixing and leveling is a bit off. Still getting used to the whole deal of audio editing. Volume levels are off where you can barely hear the intro. I'll rework and repost it once I have the levels balanced.

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Ghost of Kalidria Session 1 Postmortem:

Just when I thought the game was going to be off again, Mr. +Lynn Ford rolled up with three other guys to make characters and get the game on. +Wes Hazzard was among them. 

So we made characters, the party is made up of interesting folk that would not do justice to just say their names and races and classes. After all that was done we got into an overview of the world of Kalidria.  Then we got the game on.

The  characters wake in the night to the smell of smoke and the alarm bell in town ringing. That's always something great to wake up to. As the four of them  get out of the places they are sleeping they see that the sleepy town of Malatin is being raided by Goblins. 

Able, a 14 year old human sorcerer in training, shot up a flare to give a heads up and the tall human stepped out of the Inn at the other end of the building to see Goblins hack down an old lady of the town. The battle began. 

Vyertinn came out of the guard barracks with Asher Vincent. Vyertinn shot an arrow to save a child's life as Asher charged into battle, so used to attacking humans in training, he aimed for the head at the wrong level with his Glaive. 

A well placed color spray put down two goblins and sent the leader of the Goblins into a charge towards Asher. Goblins dropping left and right. Able stepped forward to catch an arrow, so that made him step back and then place a sleep spell on the captain Gobo. 

That was when the star of the night emerged. A Goblin throws a hatchet at Vyertinn. Vyertinn returns fire with an arrow which goes wide. That is when the goblin pulled his shortsword, stepped forward to hurl it at Vyertinn with a growling hiss. The sword catches Vyertinn nearly dropping him.

Adrian, the large fellow mentioned earlier puts a knife to the goblin's throat and tells him in Goblinoid that he is lucky the bloody one likes him. Vyertinn tries to talk to the goblin by saying that he likes the cut of his gem. 

The goblin threw threats saying that he would eat the big one first then eat him, that's when they found out that his name in Goblin means Rabid Hate. Vyertinn tries to kill the goblin and his hide seemed to be a bit more than he could hack through which was when the goblin started laughing at Vyertinn and then Adrian finished the job. 

They have the leader in custody and the name of Calisto has been mentioned. Great start to the campaign.

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The Game will start in the Kingdom of Edius. I have added Race and Language Information for Character Creation. Still looking for a couple of players.

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More updates have been done to the site. Information about the different cities in The Dragon's Tooth Mountains have been updated. I've also been working on the world map a bit. 

Things are coming together nicely. I'm ready for Sunday and looking forward to getting started.

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Darkwood Elves

Tall slender sub-race of elves. They were once Slyvan or Wood Elves, however the darkness of the Darkwood Forest has forced them to adapt to the lack of light. They are still a bit wild, but have developed Darkvision like their Drow-kin.

The skin hair and eyes have begun to lose its pigmentation giving them a truly exotic appearance. Aside from the darkvision they are to be treated just as every other race. The Darkwood Forest is the only place that it is known that this sub-species of elf can be found.

+Robyn Briggs  Let me know if you want to go with something like that for a race of Elf.

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