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Danish Professional Genealogist
Danish Professional Genealogist


Talk to your grandmother NOW!
Santa brought me a special gift this year: A book about my grandmother's home town Holsted in Denmark. I had wished for that book but I had not considered that reading it would make me kind of sad. Why was I sad? My grandmother is no longer with us and reading the book made me wish that I had her by my side, so she could give her comments about the stories in the book. That would have made it even more special, but because I didn't ask her in time, I have to make do with other people's accounts - very good accounts, but it's just not the same as hearing my dear grandmother tell passionately about her childhood, her youth, her parents, friends etc. So my New Year's resolution is to take more time to talk to my loved ones, especially those who might not be here at the end of 2014 - and I recommend that you all do the same, genealogist or not.
Happy New Year!
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GenealogyInTime has provided another list of abbreviations, this time for occupations. Great tool for genealogists!

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I am new to this group. I hope someone here can help me. How do I stop receiving e-mail notifications from Google+ ? I have read a lot of answers to this question and I feel I have tried everything, but I still keep receiving e-mails.

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Many of us probably know that Chas is short for Charles, but what about other abbreviations, such as Corn and Dy? GenealogyInTime Magazine has compiled a list of abbreviations of given names to make it easier to find ancestors in fx city directories.

Have any of you ever consulted a professional genealogist? If so, was it a good or a bad experience?
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