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Joseph Bates
Fiction writer, teacher, author of THE NIGHTTIME NOVELIST. Gentleman.
Fiction writer, teacher, author of THE NIGHTTIME NOVELIST. Gentleman.

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The Importance of an Online Literary Presence
In terms of finding (and keeping) an audience, some of a writer's most important work comes in 140 characters.  ♦  W hen I was younger, all of my favorite authors seemed like these mysterious beings that I could only hope to get a chance to interact with. I...

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Page to Stage: Transforming Stories
In the storied relationship between books and Broadway, musical theatre finds new ways to bring literature to life.  ♦  I f you’re an ardent reader of books, you already know the power of storytelling. A good story has the power to inspire, heal, and even ...

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Life and Death: Reviewing Twilight's Gender Swap
Stephanie Meyer answers criticisms of Twilight's gender stereotyping with a retelling where the roles are reversed. ♦  S tephanie Meyer has always faced a lot of criticism for her novels, especially the Twilight series. One of the biggest issues readers see...

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Richer and Cleverer than Everyone Else: Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards
“There’s no freedom quite like the freedom of being constantly underestimated.” – Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora  ♦  I   first became aware of Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastards fantasy series after The Republic of Thieves , the third book (of a projec...

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Picture Books in the Digital Age: A Guide to Self-Publishing
Technology has made self-pubbing children's books possible . . . now we weigh the pros and cons.  ♦  O ne of the benefits of the e-book revolution has been the ability of authors to publish their work, and find an audience, without going through a big publi...

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An Interview with Ari Bach
The author of the acclaimed Valhalla series on the creative process, navigating LGBTQ tropes, and writing from the deepest places.  ♦  W hen my recent review of Ari Bach’s Valhalla trilogy came out on Turning Page , the first thing I did was submit a link t...

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Video Games: A New Way to Tell a Story
Photo courtesy of Rising from intersections of art, science, and entertainment, video games have emerged as the first great digital literature.  ♦  V ideo games have been around, believe it or not, since the 1950s, and in the decades sin...

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Taking a Page from the Fairy Tale Tradition
Looking for fresh inspiration to jumpstart your writing? Look no further than Once Upon a Time . . .  ♦  A s writers, we crave inspiration; it’s in our blood. Writers must write, that’s the rule, and when the work is going well, it seems that there are idea...

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A Helpful Code to Success
As digital publishing continues to boom, more writers and editors are learning the art (and benefits) of coding.  ♦  T he e-book is an incredible technology which has revolutionized publishing . . . though it can be an intimidating technology to work with ...

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An Interview with Jamila Tiaira
The debut author of a new collection of poems discusses the inspiration behind her work and the decision to self-publish.  ♦  I n today’s market, the question for a lot of young writers seems to be how to get a book published. Traditionally, there was one a...
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