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It's been a while since I've been "curse-laden rant" mad. But guess the fuck what? :-)

All right. You see this shit here? Does it piss you off for some reason? WELL GET THE FUCK OVER IT, YOU GOD-CURSED, THRICE-DAMNED MORON. All of humanity is all of humanity's culture. Every word in the Goddamned dictionary? OPEN TO USE FOR EVERY SHITWIT HUMAN!

And if ANYONE has a Goddamned problem with me asserting my fucking right to my own fucking species' culture? I'm at 309 N Bellemeade Avenue, Knoxville TN, 37919.

But do keep it civil. As I said, I'm a big fan of asserting my rights. One of them in Tennessee is called "stand your ground". :-)


Now go on about yo' Goddamn day, nigga. I'll do the same. -bp

Sorry I wasn't a better grandkid, PopPop. Rest in peace.

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So... yeah, glad that was cleared up? Thanks, WaPo, for the hard-hitting journalism.

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File this under #DGAF, I guess.

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Seriously? I have to explain this shit?

I don't care if the paramedics were to haul my own wife off the plane completely naked. Saving the life takes IMMENSE precedence over ensuring the soon-to-be-corpse's modesty.

If you're upset about this? GROW THE FUCK UP.

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Guess who's building a space game?

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Throw the fuckin' book at it - with a cannon.


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Y'all know the terrorists won, right? We can't even let a little old lady carry on some bath soap?

But nah, we ain't terrified. <.<

The next motherfucker who says anything to me about "cultural appropriation" had best do so in their "own" Goddamned language.

Or just shut the fuck up and recognize we're all in this together. That'd be fine too. (Preferable, even.)
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