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devon matthews
well down to earth man dont hate no one
well down to earth man dont hate no one

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see i,m bisexual and there should be no dicremanation on no one cause we all equal in this life i no u can,t have two so thats why i date to see who really add u[p

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welcome welcome for all u did to keep america happy
President Barack Obama vowed to 'finish what we started' as he took the oath in his second inauguration

the dream said we are free at last from mlk to obama where all rites are stable enjoy life and stay free america

dont change the channel he,s still talken

now thats black history welcome obama the parade was nice  everthing was just on point

i,m glad he did watt he said said he going to do /salute to gay rite he keep his promise america the brave

now thats was inanugeration

obama back at this again black history month tribute to our dr king in on bet  at the us capitol
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