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Robotium vs. Appium
number of reports have highlighted the rapidly growing popularity of
mobile apps. With more and more enterprises launching mobile
applications, the users now have option to choose from millions of apps
available at various app stores. So it has become...

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How effective is Test Driven Development
testing procedures are becoming very important to the developmental
lifecycle of the software due to the fact that the software development
yields better products due to the testing. These tests reveal the
glitches that, otherwise, may have cau...

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Why should we hire specialized web application testing companies?
“ The
significance of software evaluation in web development domain has
undoubtedly increased tremendously over the years. The process (that
basically focuses on web applications) enables developers to address
both performance and security vulnerabiliti...

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Various Tools Available for Automated Testing of your Website
are an important part of our daily life these days. Developing a
website may seem to be easy but there are multiple features that must be
taken under consideration before launching it for public use. There are
several issues like website functi...

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Mobile App Testing and Your Enterprise
the advent of smart phones and the advancement in the mobile
technology, people are using the device more and more for the purpose of
communication and for accessing the web. Statistics show that in the
near future, the number of people using mobil...

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Positive Testing Vs. Negative Testing
“ As
a web developer, the dearth for reliable software testing that enables
verification and validation of software application is always felt.
Testing not only ensures whether the software under test is functioning
properly or not, but also ensures tho...

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Negative Testing Should we do it
“ Testing
is the most essential phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
In fact, without proper and perfect testing, any application cannot be
of superior quality. That is the reason why, Testers are also known as
Quality and Assurance professi...

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The various aspects of Manual Testing Process
the Manual Testing, the Testers carry out test cases manually without
the need for any automation tools. Manual testing is regarded as the
original approach to all other testing kinds and also is helpful in
finding bugs within the software system. Ev...

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Steps to consider before outsourcing Software testing
of the skilled software development organizations know the value of QA
as well as the importance of software testing services. Development
companies look for solutions to below questions: Will the application function as expected? Will there be bugs...

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Effectiveness of Appium in iOS and Android App testing
of the apps make use of Internet browsers and the web technologies,
also those native apps over Android and iOS. The efficacy of testing
these types of apps differs extensively among the users, what frameworks
and the tools that are being used. Tea...
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