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Anton Stetner
On a mission to take on the world and lovin it
On a mission to take on the world and lovin it


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We are looking for an amazing PROJECT MANAGER for our construction company. In office and out office doing permitting, planning, scheduling, coordinating, bids, and helping RESG Homes build tons of homes, multifamily and development projects. Who do you know that is fun, amazing, freaking talented and wants to grow on an epic level?
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join us tonight for our real estate investing class on finding off market properties. 530 at the office and all are welcome to join.
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Find Opportunity, Find Amazing Talented People to help Accomplish the Goals / Mission / Vision of said Opportunity, Raise Capital, Implement the Plan with Action Steps, Accountability, Systems and Deadlines. WIN.

Then Rinse and Repeat.

That Simple.
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Are you planning your life or are you just letting it happen to You?

Then when you have that plan are you taking the appropriate actions daily?
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When did you start investing?

And what have you learned or changed since then?

I started when I was 17. Don't be greedy, have fun, always run the numbers, develop a criteria and don't deviate from it, and lastly every deal will take twice as long, cost twice as much money, take twice as long and be twice has hard as you originally expected. LOL.

Plus that people are greatest investment you can make as long as they are willing to go on the journey with you.
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We have a Company Manager Position (almost COO) with Salary plus huge bonus potential.

You must be freaking amazing, driven, motivated, consistent and fun. Willing to go from being just like the CEO in the morning to the janitor in the afternoon.

This is a startup, with the startup grind and hustle, which means you have to be OK wearing many hats. We have products and capital and process that has to be moving & turning with rapid velocity so this is not for the faint of heart.

So if you don't want to win and be the best then don't waste my time.

And if you do want to grow a new business into an empire then lets talk.
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Are you over halfway through your goals for 2017?

Of the goals you're behind on, which one is the biggest goal that will have the biggest impact, and how could you get back on schedule for hitting that?

When you hear yourself saying "I can't do this so I can't do that".

Ask yourself how you can do this or do that?

This has been a reoccurring pattern this week in mine and others goals, and when things pop up multiple times, I slow down to listen. Will you? And will you hit your goals?

Is there something you need to give up to hit that bigger more impacting goal?
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So what is your theme song this week?
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