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+iyaz akhtar +Leo Laporte Loved the show on the Raspberry Pi and XBMC. I have had it running on my Pi for a few weeks now and have been watching lots of programming through the TWiT add-on. One feature you didn't mention that I love is the ability to use your TV remote to navigate the interface (including seek/play/pause/stop) using CEC over the HDMI cable. Of course, it only works if your TV supports CEC. I do use an iOS app sometimes but really like controlling XBMC the same way I control my TV/DVD player/etc. 
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Now, if I could only figure out why it crashes somewhat randomly, I could get my girlfriend to stop saying "I hate this thing", even while we enjoy countless hours of movies and shows, look at photos we took on our phones, and watch YouTube videos together.
How did I discover this? I accidentally sat on something on the couch and saw the menu on the screen change. I thought I was seeing things. It was the remote control I had sat on, so I said to myself, "Yeah, right.... Let's see if works right out of the box"... hit another button, and it did!
+Marc Kline one thing I've seen that can causes crashes is if the usb ac adapter isn't providing enough amps, and sometimes cheaper adapters don't provide the full 5 volts needed. Could this be the issue? Thanks for the cec remote tip! 
I finally looked at my log file and found that when files or folders were missing over afp://, it seems that something would crash XBMC. I switched my shares to smb://, and it seems to be happier. No crashes so far. Thanks, +Alex Knutson-Smisek, for the adapter tip. I found that my adapter is rated for 1 amp and 5 volts, though I didn't check with a meter.
I discovered that the AFP shares are known to cause crashes in XBMC. Apparently the person who was supporting that protocol stopped working on it. I finally settled on NFS and it has served me well streaming video from my laptop to the Pi. No crashes, smooth transfers.
Great! If this isn't on the raspbmc site, you should talk about it 
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