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Thanks Lucy- as always movie viewing w/ u is so enlightening & enjoyable!

I've known Anne & been her friend for 7 yrs, her maturity as an actress makes me so proud, Lucy & I felt napakakinis ni Cristine, perfect ang atake sa role. Derek continues to impress as an actor! Must see film ang No Other Woman!

Congrats No Other Woman. Was sold out for the 7:30 & last full show in G4. Gave money to our household staff to watch in cash & carry, puno also!

Diet sang Wherever U Will Go to me on #KrisTV. We taped the episode today, airs Thurs.

Listening to Lady Antebellum's New Album, Own the Night. Loving the songs!

Headed home at last. Super full day! Thanks to all for the support u're giving Kris TV, inspiring ratings. Pls do check out

Oh my goodness, must watch Ang Babae sa Septic Tank!!! Super FUNNY, Witty & INSIGHTFUL!!! Catch it!

Sharing this from Archbishop Soc: When our nails are grown, we cut the nails, not our fingers. So, when our misunderstanding is rising, we should cut our PRIDE, not the RELATIONSHIP."... Wishing all of us healthy, loving & lasting relationships. Good morning. God bless u.

We brought Jasmin my yaya of 11 yrs, Jane yaya of 8 yrs & Imelda who's done my hair for 11 yrs- all of them 1st time to travel abroad!

Good morning! Getting ready to go to HK Disneyland via MTR. Went to our hotel via Airport express- super convenient & time saving!
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