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Pet annoyance, when a BBC documentary says that they filmed something in slow motion. You didn't. You filmed it with a high speed camera and played it back in a slower than real time for the viewers. Saying that you filmed something in slow motion is the opposite of what you did to capture the footage. 

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Great results and growth continues 

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Not all critical #security issues have flashy names. Review the 2016 @RedHatSecurity Risk Report available now!

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The Red Hat Product Security team turned 15 this year! A great article reviewing some of the history and flaws that have helped shape the team we have today. 

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Open Source . com has a lot of great articles and content, but a nice giveaway for its readers :)

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This Todd Warner has been one of my best friends at Red Hat, having worked together for 12 years. He is quirky and lovable, not the the other guy with the same name.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! -- I am not "Todd Warner the Charlotte Racist"

There is a Todd Warner, in Charlotte, that posted something hateful and ugly. I.e. He is a bigot. And then a blogger ... blogged about it.

Unfortunately, I am far more google-able than this bartender in Charlotte (there are actually a lot of Todd Warners), and now The Internet is attacking me, my wife, my employer, her agency, etc. etc.


The blog post:

Please be mindful. And if you did post something somewhere, please try to reverse it. This is having all kinds of negative effects, reputation-wise, but also financially.




** +The Carolina Bee Company is us and not him.
** "Monica Warner - Go Realty" is my wife, and not him.
** I work for #RedHat -- that other guy does not work for Red Hat.

Please stop attacking the wrong people. Thank you.

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The BBC Micro Bit puts the tools for programming in kids' hands -- and realistically everyone's. Read more in the Fedora Magazine how to get started with the Micro Bit using Fedora. +PyCon 2016

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The Red Hat Samba team were a pleasure to work with! 
How we all worked together to fix The #badlock issue.

"After an extensive analysis and discussion between Samba Team, Red Hat, SuSE, and SerNet developers it was decided to share the work and provide a common set of patches to older versions. Backport to Samba 3.6 took several weeks. Based on it, Samba 3.0 backport was created by Andreas Schneider and Günther Deschner of Red Hat. In parallel, SuSE engineers continued to work in Samba 3.4 backports, while SerNet developers provided a backport to Samba 4.0 file server component."

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Compiled and installed on my RHEL 7 system RedShift - quite an interesting tool -
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