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Pauline Carr
Wife, papercrafter, novice baker, project manager
Wife, papercrafter, novice baker, project manager

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Festival of Learning #LovetoLearn - Card Class for Beginners
Hello everyone! It is fully 9 months since I have posted on this blog and there have been good reasons for that, as an awful lot (and a lot that's awful) has happened during that time ... last year I only posted once due to my dear dad being very ill, and s...

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Warrington Clandestine Cake Club - Fit For A Queen!
Hi everyone ... Long time no post from me, but I've been inspired to post this evening as I have just got home from this evening's meeting of the Warrington Clandestine Cake Club ... and what a brilliant time we had!!   Due to various personal reasons I hav...

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A real showstopper!
I haven't really had either the opportunity or the inclination to do much baking this year, as my dear dad was very ill through most of the year with cancer, until sadly he passed away in November. We live in Liverpool and he was in and out of hospital in D...

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The Wanderer Returns
Hello everyone, It may seem as if I have disappeared off the face of the earth for just over the past year ... But in fact I have been dealing first with a very hectic workload (last autumn and winter), and then since New Year my poor dad has been seriously...

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Nigella's chocolate Guinness cake + Baileys cream cheese frosting
I recall a colleague making a chocolate Guinness cake at a previous work event and it generated a lot of interest; so I decided to have a go at baking one for my charity cake sale a couple of weeks ago.  I Googled around for a recipe and found this one by N...

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Christmas isn't Christmas without ... Terry's Chocolate Orange Cake
Almost everyone loves a Terry's chocolate orange at Christmas, so I decided to incorporate one into my pre-Christmas charity cake sale .  This cake went down an absolute storm at my cake sale, to the extent I could be tempted to start up a new sideline :-) ...

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Charity Cake Sale
I started the year with the intention of holding occasional sales of single cakes at work to give me the incentive to bake new things and raise money for my mum's charity at the same time. Things started well back in January, but from March onwards I got  e...

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Winter warmer - gingerbread & Guinness bundt with salted caramel drizzle
Hi everyone, With the falling of the leaves and bonfire night upon us, my thoughts turned to warming winter cakes ... and I saw a fabulous recipe on Kat's   Baking Explorer blog for a "Bonfire Cake"  - gingerbread and Guinness bundt cake with salted caramel...

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Pink champagne and strawberry salvage cake
The 3rd birthday party event for the Warrington CCC had a theme of cocktails and mocktails .... so I set  my brain to work to find a suitable recipe. My first port of call had to be the Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook - where else?? ... and I was soon tempte...

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CCC Warrington 3rd Birthday - Cocktails & Mocktails
The Warrington branch of the Clandestine Cake Club held its third birthday party on Tuesday 30th September, with a theme of Cocktails and Mocktails . The event was organised by our lovely leader Helen Rimmer, and was held at the fabulous Dingle Farm in Appl...
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