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Alexandru Vasile Pop
Software developer interested in cross platform C#. JavaScript and Node.js, Ruby and Rails and open source platforms and tools.
Software developer interested in cross platform C#. JavaScript and Node.js, Ruby and Rails and open source platforms and tools.

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Please answer a short survey and qualify to win a free copy of my "Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers" book on 9th of February 2015

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You can buy my  "Learning AngularJS for .NET Developers" book for 5$ until 6 January:   #angularjs #servicestack #aspnetmvc #dotnet #packt5dollar

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v4.0.34 Released!

We're happy to share a few new features added in this release:

Add TypeScript Reference

TypeScript is the next language that's now able to benefit from having a typed API to consume your Services. The TypeScript Native Types feature takes a non-invasive approach in that they're made available in the form of a .d.ts TypeScript declaration file, where they can be used to annotate existing .js source code.

Auto Batched Requests

There are many times where Services would benefit from being able to batch multiple requests together, with Auto Batched Requests that's now possible where your existing ServiceStack Services now support batching without any additional effort! All .NET Service Clients now have this enabled with the new `SendAll` and `SendAllOneWay` API's.

ReactJS App Template

Following the modern approach to building Single Page Apps with the new AngularJS template, we've added a new flavour that supports developing React-based Apps as well. The new ReactJS App template enables optimal iterative dev experience without requiring any manual pre-compilation steps, whilst the included Grunt/Gulp build tasks takes care of packaging your app so it's optimized for production which can also be deployed with the built-in msbuild grunt task.


 - Heartbeats are now enabled in RedisPubSubServer which will auto-reconnect when it detects a connection has silently dropped. (Should also improve the resilience in RedisMqServer and RedisServerEvents).

 - The new RedisManagerPool pooling behavior has been updated to create connections outside of the pool when max pool size has reached in contrast to PooledRedisClientManager which imposes a max connection limit and will throw if no connection becomes available within the configured PoolTimeout.

- The new `RedisRequestLogger` lets you store Request Logs Feature HTTP Requests in Redis so it will survive AppDomain restarts


 - OrmLite Self References supports multiple references of the same type by falling back to using property name conventions.

 - SqlExpression has a new API for Cross JOIN's

 - The new OpenDbConnectionString() API on DB Factory makes supporting multi tenant databases easier


 - New @Html.RenderAction("/products/1") lets you execute and include partials of different services with a populated url

- You can Render local or nested Content Partials in Content Pages, e.g @Html.Partial("SubDir/NestedParials")


- AutoQuery supports multiple custom joins with `IJoin<T1,T2>` API


 - RavenDbUserAuthRepository can be specialized to support custom UserAuth tables
 - New `RemoveSession()` and `GetSessionTimeToLive()` Session API's have been added

And more minor features, for more details please checkout the release notes:


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New ServiceStack LiveDemos!

To better discover ServiceStack example apps and demo's we've moved them to a new GitHub group. All Demos have also been upgraded to the latest v4 release and have them all deployed to a new Single Amazon instance. This also makes it a lot easier to fork, customize and 1-click WebDeploy any changes to your own Windows Servers.

There's a list with screenshots and summaries of all the hosted Live Demos at:

E.g. Checkout our new ServerEvents Chat app at - I'll be hanging out in there myself all day if anyone wants to ask me anything.

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Would anyone be interested in a book about building modern web applications with AngularJS, ServiceStack and some(not much) ASP.NET MVC?

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