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Maybe its just me but Google+ seems strangely un-full of life (was going to say dead) to me. All I get is notifications that people "added me" to some circle that they have.
The Real NAMES fiasco that locked me out for 4 months is a key reason why I never got engaged...and have remained unengaged. Wonder what other sthing.
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I guess it's both a blessing and a curse to be Google. As a social networking platform, Google+ can be only as good as the engagement of its community.
You have to post things, Kaliya. And comment on things other people say. And share really interesting things.
Damn. You need to find a better man! ;-p

(Sorry, bad pun.)
I'm still having problems with the real names thing - they insisted I change it, despite my sending them clear evidence and good reasons why, the response was a form letter, which makes me think that the appeals procedure is a smokescreen before they just pass your name back through the "no" computer - also, I was locked out of my page, which still exists and has a video I uploaded that I can no longer access (copyright violation?) and it allowed me to make a new page using the same name as my old page!

Fewer and fewer people I know are using it on a regular basis.
I have a constant stream of people circling me. Most of them I have no idea who they are. Some are obviously fake profiles. But most of them are not. I post a lot of photos, mostly railroad-related. And I share a few things and post a few discussion pieces.
+Russell Nelson "Most of them I have no idea who they are" is the main problem. You might be happy to have lots of people circling you but most users want just to talk and catch up with their friends. They expect the same value as on Facebook, not the same value as on Twitter. My cousin told me Google+ is "boring". As I showed her the funniest pictures that I could find on the "what's hot" she shrugged and said "But no one is there..." meaning no one she knows. People are having unreasonable high expectations for G+. They want it to turn into a Facebook overnight.
Facebook and Twitter both look just as un-full-of-life when you start using them as an outsider. Treasure the chance to once again experience social media as ordinary users do when they first discover it!

It's unlikely to continue for long if you engage on G+ in ways that make it work well. My take is those are:
* post interesting stuff, preferably with pictures;
* comment on what you post, don't just post links;
* intelligently discuss other people's posts;
* respecting other people's threads as you would a conversation you were drawn into at the next table in a cafe;
* track ripples and cultivate new friends.
Post pictures of cute animals. You can't ever go wrong there.
+Simon Phipps Hardly one can cultivate new friends if he does not know them actually. It's like trying to fake his own life. Friends are not the same as the "friends". 'Being' is never 'just pretending'.

For this (and another 10^6 reasons), IW is right, once again.
+Claudiu Covataru If you're looking for real life in social media systems you're looking in the wrong place. G+, like Facebook and Twitter and all the rest, is an adjunct, a resource, a vector. It is not the real thing, nor is it ready for you the day you arrive.

In addition, I was trying to help, to be part of the solution :-)
+Simon Phipps No, I was not looking for real life here, just looking to connect to somebody, however I couldn't do it if there isn't any really genuine topic. For example, I couldn't connect with petty topics like nice animals photos and so on.

On the other hand, +Kaliya Identity Woman touched however a sensitive point, introducing us to a different concept, which is very important for us, as human beings.

My take is that it is not so important how many years we amass in our lives, but instead, how much life we gather into our age.

This was the reason to disagree with you. Also, any Fb / Tw / Ln / G+ or anything else / might be useful since the day one. I couldn't drive a car without its steering wheel.

Thank you
+Claudiu Covataru I suggest you just had a conversation with a stranger that was ten times as deep as any most people ever expect from Facebook...
+Simon Phipps Actually, as strange as that could seem, I don't use Fb nor I intend to ever use it. I prefer to share things one on one (by email, or other means) and not to spread them to "groups". Most of the stuff that we disclose to the others in life is private, and not very often about what schools we graduated, what hobbies do we have (or any other silly things that we can see in a Fb account of someone that brag there ... LOL).

Well ... deep conversations with strangers ? Rather evident truths ;-)
I find it active. Google+ is finding it's identity too +Kaliya Identity Woman. This is a platform that can use and help spread your work in an important way. I hope you post your ideas and events for "She's Geeky here". 
Ps and fill out your profile with your website! :>)
+Jennifer Barr Yes, but what if KIW wants also to speak about art, philosophy or other matters important for her life, not only about identity or tech here ? Maybe she does have a right to a personal life, too. I can hardly see the reason why to force her (or anyone else) to only speak using a single name for the people around. Each person is "multifaceted", not just bi-dimensional, like a photo. I don't think that when one is in holidays, he is welcomed with something like this "Hello, JB from JB Management Consulting", instead of "Hello, our dear guest JB". That would be kinda annoying ... :) One identity is not enough ! It'd be like some too tight clothes for our personality...
Good points. She can fill out multiple descriptions. I want people to be able to find out about her great work when using search. 
Then we'd see here another Fb, so instead of just finding another good fellow just defending the community from the big sharks, we will unwillingly "invade her backyard". She is one of great young leaders of the world anyway (see Davos plus her name), so any search already reveals what is to be revealed about her.
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