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Kaliya Identity Woman

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Super fun to be facilitating today at CLSWest
Community Leadership Summit West (AKA CLS West) 2013 is an annual unconference in the bay area. Please join experienced community leaders and organizers to discuss, debate and explore the many avenues of building strong community in an open unconference setting. All are welcome, but, you need to register in advance here:
CLS West 2013
Sat, February 2, 2013, 8:00 AM PST
2161 N 1st St

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Kaliya Identity Woman

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Maybe its just me but Google+ seems strangely un-full of life (was going to say dead) to me. All I get is notifications that people "added me" to some circle that they have.
The Real NAMES fiasco that locked me out for 4 months is a key reason why I never got engaged...and have remained unengaged. Wonder what other sthing.
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More on that "strangely un-full of life" bit (3 years on):

"Estimating G+ User Activity: 4-6 million active posters in January 2015 to date"
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Kaliya Identity Woman

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Allyson K added me back in a circle :) a first around her. The "google" gate opened and I was let in. So this whole place is new to me. I wonder what this product would be like if women community organizers designed it. I'm hopeful we shall see that some day soon. IIW is coming up in DC talking about Identity online - January 17th.
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i agree with u
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Kaliya Identity Woman

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Google+ Event to share information and photos on the actual day of CLS West 2013 is here:
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I love
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Kaliya Identity Woman

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I'm Running for Mayor*! 

Its election time for the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace...and I was lobbied to run and so I did.."I'm ALL IN" as they say. So please go to my site - register to vote and vote for me August 15th. 
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How did you do that? The polls don't open until August 15!
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Kaliya Identity Woman

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So for those of you who thought the whole 'nym thing was over because they said you could now "change your name" the process involves 6 screens including 2 "are you sure" diatribes about the seriousness of what you are about to do. It is still a really offensive process and kicks you into the Kafka Googleocracy to wait for your appeal to process through their system. Here is my blog post all about it -
Today people were tweeting/writing about the new google+ names policies. Well. I just went through it and it involves many screens and an appeal into the Kafkaesqe googleplex that takes up to 3 days b...
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Meanwhile, on Twitter, you're still @IdentityWoman:)
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Saving the world with User-Centric Digital Identity (& Personal Data).
Kaliya Hamlin 

* IDENTITY WOMAN- She one of the worlds leading experts on and key community organizer supporting emergence of an identity layer of the web that works for people and respects their personal data. 

* Founder and Executive Director of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium.  

* She co-produces and facilitates the Internet Identity Workshop - the major working conference of the space.

* She is on the Management Council of the NSTIC Forum, Identity Ecosystem Steering Group as the Consumer Advocate Delegate representing Planetwork
* UNCONFERENCE DESIGNER AND FACILITATOR - she works with professional communities creating space that helps community get the most out of rare face time.  She has a range of clients mostly amongst professional technical communities - including the Mass Technology Leadership Council, Scala/Lift (Programming Language and Web Framework), The One Club for Art and Copy (Creative Unconference), ReadWriteWeb - Real-Time Summit, Mobile Summit. 

* EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF SHE'S GEEKY an unconference connecting women in technology, engineering, math and science. 

  • Planetwork
    Network Director, 2006 - present
  • Unconference Inc
    Designer & Facilitator, 2005 - present
  • She's Geeky
    Leader, 2007 - present
  • Internet Identity Workshop
    Co-Producer, Facilitator, 2005 - present
  • Personal Data Ecosystem Consoritum
    Executive Director, 2010 - present