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still counting myself among the stars.
still counting myself among the stars.

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How a cover song changed my life
Let me be honest with you. I owe Taylor Swift an apology. I’ve been critical of her, because I’m a flawed human. I am judgmental. It was so subconscious that I failed to realize it until a friend introduced me to the band, I Prevail. They covered Ms. Swift’...

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This is a stunning visual commentary on stereotypes. 

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Ok, so... yeah. Be forewarned, it is catchy as hell and you will find yourself dark lord funking all day. 
If you love Harry Potter watch this.

If you only mildly like Harry Potter, watch this.

If you've heard of Harry Potter, watch this.

If none of these apply to you.... I don't want to live in your world ;)

(via just about everyone :)

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Round Two: Ding!
After console gaming and other randomness for a few years, I am back to MMO life.Honestly, it is one of the best collaborative gaming experiences I've ever had; especially if you compare it to the interaction level one gets from Xbox live. (Sorry, FPS guys....

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Spring is coming and with it, lovely #fresh #food! I've been compiling #recipes for this

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Inspired by +Andre Vandal and my love of kitties, here is my favorite "D'awww" kitty video. #caturday  

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I'm so glad I was such a dude as a teenager and took #drafting class. Now, I can plot out how to build a #pergola for my new backyard and my firepit. 

Super easy.  
Six 8ft long 4x4 posts - 4 sunk two feet and concreted. in, at 5ft apart and 2 across the tops with approx. a one foot overhang on each side (it looks like a Pi symbol!)
Seven 8ft long 1x6 planks, cut on each end at a 45 degree angle, allowing the top edge to be 7ft long.
Add a notch in each plank 6 in from the longest edge, 4.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep.
Slide the planks into place across the top of the "pi" symbols and tap into place, then secure with hardware.

(misc hardware: wood screws, corner brackets, 4-hole brackets, 2-hole brackets, etc)

Voila!  ;) #DIYEasy  enough to be done with my meager tools, which include and hacksaw, hammer, cordless power drill, pliers.

Although, to be fair, my power drill is a Makita and can hold screw or drill bits, drill concrete and is all around badass. It's probably old enough to vote now and is still a champion. (<3!) 

So, generally... I use G+ as a more professional and #thought provoking,  #conversation inducing social media platform. Which means I neglect it so badly, in favor of the more personal bulletin board-esque Facebook to rant and share snapshots, etc.

 .....But still. Really cool people keep finding me here and I love it. So, if you guys are interested in the randomness that is my life, follow me on Twitter @ elusivewit; or you can find me on facebook too at

 I promise to use Hootsuite more often and post to G+ too, because I feel like some of your insights would be invaluable to me and you guys would like these projects. <3

Yay! In fact, I was contemplating stealing the ingenious #socialmedia  model that +Ben Kunz uses;  the gentleman scholar is an all around great guy to talk with, and posts insightfully witty 'thought posts' (as opposed to a full on #blog post or a redirection to one). Always makes me think or laugh or straight up "D'awww!" :D 

(Thanks for that, btw. - cheeky grin - )

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Oh dear Internet, I've discovered Pinterest. >.< If you look at it, ...your guess is as good as mine as to what comes after Steampunk Halloween costume design and creation. Oy.
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