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Get involved with Civic Hacking for the City of Bloomington #BMGHack

Experimenting with 'Serverless Computing'. Possibly the dumbest term ever - how are you going to compute without a server?
Well, I looked at the pricing, and they can basically call it whatever the f*** they want if it means I don't have to d*** around setting up a server and paying for s*** I don't use in order to take care of some tasks...

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This is cool yo

Hey yo! Anybody still here aside from the 3 people dominating my feed, and Sam Seder?

Hi I'm still out here frenz.

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Whodini is more flyer

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I try to be open minded, so I am refraining from ruling that JIRA is a hot-mess of a dumpster fire of an inbox spam generator featuring arbitrarily fragmented splinters of something that has SOME underlying structure to it SOMEWHERE, featuring write-only, 90% unreliable, context-free numbers about estimates and actual work and who does what when and why built by a developer dream-team that examined the numerous, well-known and documented flaws of email and managed to digest that information and excrete something so much, much worse, and see if somebody can convince me otherwise.
It's important to give things a chance!

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Bloominglabs space monitoring is back and better than ever, thanks to Beebotte (NO thanks to Xively).

Now you can see when the toilet was flushed!
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