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To everyone who added me on Google+: Please add my colleague +Naomi Gleit! She is Vice President of User Feedback for Facebook, so her job is to take all of your wishes and wants for Facebook and turn them into reality!
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Uhhhh are you sure your on the right Social Network? LOL
Vijay N
+Blake Ross better you itself tell her to please remove all the damm apps from facebook and make it clean and cool like google+ so far :)
Amy Dai
Ohhh... the irony....on Google+
One request everyone has been wanting: a dislike button
Vijay N
ya sure it wil be great
Back to the 2008 Facebook please.
Vijay N
Lolz now Mr. +Blake Ross might had thought i shouldn't have put this update :P
something we can do in google+ is to get a copy of our information if we want to turn off the account. Something that seems impossible in fb. If we take a look of terms of service... that's no our information anymore.. =(
Vijay N
data liberation ..thats wat google not only for google+ but for all the google services :)
why don;t you let us isolate an individual post and send it outside of FB? That would be awesome!
Facebook + :) I think inorder to compete Facebook is going to have to get assymetrical with its sharing model. This is a better model.
Awesomeness... Director of user feedback for Facebook taking user feedback from users of Google+. This should be fun ;)
"Vice President of User Feedback" is her lighthearted job title :-) Naomi is in charge of helping people join Facebook and engage with friends.
+Blake Ross "helping people join Facebook" haha... fantastic place to recruit back people onto Facebook.. Kidding I sure am.
Helping people join Facebook is half her job. As I mentioned, the other half is making sure people are happy with how the site works.
Google is being very social, engaging us in feedback and hangouts. Its actually unusual and rather special.
Vijay N
OMG its not gonna end here......
Amy Dai
1. Stop with the games spam! No one cares?

2. The concept of "*Allow X to access your page, post, etc. on your page*" Is something I don't really like (privacy concerns)

3. Those irrelevant ads(eg. Hot singles near X! call blah-blah-blah) which came up when I searched "*hotwings*" and those pre-roll ads!

4. Not saying/posting things like generally along the lines of: "once you post this pic/info, it is no longer yours."

5. to enable/disable the "share" button that is next to your photos you upload.

6. Terminating face accounts/spam but also not blocking/banning people so much because of befriending and captcha codes- be more efficient and being able to determine what is actually spam and what isn't would be great. :)

7. Again! Ohhh... the irony....on Google+
One request everyone has been wanting: a dislike button!

But yea, overall: dislike button, no more random ads or spam from games, and privacy concerns. And +Mark Zuckerberg responding to questions or posting something on Google+!

Well yea, this took while to write...any responses? +Blake Ross P.S. I still have facebook but I think I'm liking Google+ better, but overall it's not about the money but rather its purpose: social media and reconnecting with friends, family, buddies, etc.and engaging in activities both online and offline. If you think about it this way, Google+ & Facebook may have competition with one another, but they're both improving each other for the pro bono- accomplishing a future initiated with advances in both technology and society by moving each other forward in innovations and ideas.
^^^^Quite long...
I dont like the idea of a dislike button. I don't want the negativity.
i feel like the privacy it's difficult to manage for average users in facebook. I know how to do it but it takes time ..a long time if we compare to edit circles. In fb i have to go to friends, create a group, select the people and then i can manage privacy of my shared information, or do it one by one. In google+ privacy levels have one-direction. U know i add u but u dont know the level. That's is how it works in real life. To create a circle takes two clicks and add people is really easy. I dont want a negative dislike buttom but it's useful 'cause say i like it it's easy but sayin "I don't like" without being catalogued like a Troll is difficult. I vote +1 to dislike buttom. And many people wanted a Hangout style application in fb but google+ had to public it to make fb announces the video-chat service... that blue style in fb make me feel bored sometimes..
There is a "dislike"-Button on Facebook. Its called "Hide this post". "Like" means "I want more of that and others could be interested, too". Displaying the opposite in a big red number (how often the post was hidden) would be a bit contra-productive (drawing attention to something that is quite likely irrelevant)... ;)
I wish that Facebook will have a functionality like Google+'s HANGOUTS :D
SUre ! Thats nice . Im a fan of facebook. :D . Will spread this too ! :D
Facebook should have really learned something from Google+ now. Now its time for Facebook to comeup with some innovations. Google+ just improvised on Facebook with some HTML5 and making it easier for people to better manage their privacy. Thats one thing that facebook is lacking , the ease of usability. And well, Facebook should act fast and steadily. BTW , a massive redesign of the UI is necessary . Because people always like changes. Thats the reason they are going for GOOGLE+ now.
+Nafeez Ahmed: Have you ever used other social networks than Facebook..? With comparable complexity? Try using StudiVZ (a German Facebook clone) for a couple of days. Then you know, how awesome Facebook's usability is... ;) And Google+ isn't some sort of a holy grail in usability either. It's good - no question about that. But ever tried working with more than 5 circles? It's hell. Facebook and + are just two completely different products, different strength, different weaknesses. Would you tell the mercant "Why can't I just stop anytime and leave the vehicle? I can do that with my car!" when you are buying an aircraft..?
Btw.: Google is just testing another major redesign. The German Facebook-blogs are full of it. Because people that are unvoluntarily testing it are complaining. They just want their good old Facebook back. Facebook shouldn't change anything. Don't act like "everyone likes change". It'd be awesome, if that were true. But so far I don't see that...
People are lazy, they don't like change, they want everything delivered to them. real question will be what niche + will take as facebook is really strong and if the two will collaborate as people won't maintain both for long...
My wish: please add an option to "uncheck all notifications" in FB's privacy settings. The way it is we need to uncheck hundreds of options which can be quite irritating. Also, make new features that send notifications be opt-in instead of opt-out. It is an inconvenience for those that want few notifications to have new ones added automatically. Thanks in advance!
Vijay N
guy's omg! not yet over??? its been more than six hours continuously commenting :P on this update +Blake Ross must have slept ..lolz
Well, I don' believe that she is a Vice President of Facebook. The profile is completely useless. Does not look very "Pro" to me ...
yeah, "Vice President of User Feedback for Facebook". So its some kind of sub sub Vice Pres. ;-) But no profile? WTF.
Hehe, this is getting ridiculous: +Blake Ross is claming that she is some Vice President for User Feedback of Facebook. Others say she is not and has some other title.
"She" just doesn't tell anything about it in her profile. According to +Rodrigo Moraes , that is because this isn't an official support channel for Facebook? No one has to be "official" to have a profile on google+.
What about the whole story being a hoax and "her" account is a fake one?
I really doubt that Facebook can make a G+ experience. This has been a cat in the bag for quite some time and it would take too much time for Facebook to even catch up. The things that make G+ > Facebook are totally different than what Facebook stands for. In my eyes there is absolutely no way that Facebook can meet my demands compared to G+. But good luck with that
I'm afraid this is par for the course. Facebook isn't interested in your "feedback". They're not even interested in your problems with the service. If they were, there'd be a way to contact them about issues encountered on the site. There's not. You cannot email anyone for support at Facebook, and you cannot call anyone for support at Facebook.

I was impersonated in December by someone who had at least the minimal cleverness to block me from the bogus profile he created, making it impossible for me to "report" it to Facebook. I ended up driving 90 minutes, from Santa Cruz to Palo Alto, in order to go the Facebook headquarters in person. When I got there, I was given a minimal form ("What's your user name? What's your issue?") by a receptionist, and told to shove off once I'd filled it out. "Can I speak to someone?" "No." "Is there any way I can make an appointment to speak to someone?" "No." "Why don't you folks have anyone reading the standard email addresses, like webmaster, info, postmaster or abuse?" "We're Facebook, we have 750 million users." "So, is there any way I can follow up on this with you?" "No."

I'd be very interested in having +Naomi Gleit tell me all about what a "Vice President for Feedback" actually does at Facebook when there's no way to contact her to provide feedback. Sounds like a pretty cushy job to me, it can't involve much work.
and suddenly Facebook want our feedback, how ironic
Even more ironic that they're asking for feedback here. Why aren't they asking their own users, on their own site, for "feedback"...?

(I'm guessing they're looking around here and figuring we're already lost causes, and they're hoping a) to keep anyone else from joining us here and b) to avoid giving anyone over there any ideas...)
It's the same name, and she works at Facebook. Can't tell you more than that.
Facebook will going down, Google+ will be the next. Are you agree with me?
The fact that she was able to take the nick 'naomi' makes me a little more sure its her considering naomi is a very common name and she was able to take it before anyone else did
I'm sure it's probably her, and she might even have that completely laughable title. So, +Blake Ross, how exactly do Facebook users on Facebook provide "feedback" to your Vice President of Feedback...?

Or do they have to all get Google+ accounts to do that...? (I'm suspecting this is, indeed, the case, and further suspecting that you're not going to be very fond of the "feedback" you find yourself getting. I'd also like to thank Facebook for its show of complete contempt for the site's victims users by shutting down the "Facebook Friends Exporter" extension for Chrome.)
"Its a step in the right direction."

Sorry, +Robin Greenbaum, I really have to disagree. A step in the right direction would have been to elicit feedback about Facebook, from Facebook users, on Facebook. But they're not interested in doing that, it seems. I guess they're concerned that they might get some.
Funny where this discussion is going...
"She still doesn't have a profile because this is not their official feedback channel yet."

That's simply nonsensical.
Is it? Why is every Facebook employee obligated to create a proper account in every still in private beta social network..? There were many support questions here, so he referred to a co-worker who is more involved with that kind of stuff. Don't be a dick - these are their private accounts. Just be glad they reacting at all to our questions. :D
I'm sorry, Jan, the "Vice President of Product" for Facebook just pointed us at their "Vice President for Feedback", who, while having an account here, is—from every available appearance—not using the site at all. She has neither postings nor a profile. She looks like a bitbucket from here, which is a sort of a funny way for someone in charge of soliciting "feedback" to look.

No one held a gun to Blake's head and forced him to identify himself and Naomi as he has here. If these are their private accounts, and they wanted them to stay private, then they shouldn't have set themselves up here in what amounts to a professional capacity.

I'd say it's also an entirely fair question to wonder where one offers Facebook feedback on their own site.

And if giving the feedback that Blake tells me Naomi wants to hear makes me a "dick", I'll manage to live with that somehow.
facebook is threateaned by the Google+, and the best feedback to facebook is go get a feedback at facebook / facebitch lolzzz. Google+ Rocks babe!
There should be an obvious way to provide feedback on Facebook: sure! There should be! It sure seems like they don't care at all about user feedback. They test their stuff with people who never signed up for being a beta tester and with no possibility for an opt-out. Is this really wise? I don't think so. Does this give people the impression Facebook wouldn't care about their opinions. I do think so. So, I'm completely with you on that one.

BUT (and this is a big but): That does not mean in any way that every Facebook employee on any social network has to respond to user feedback or support requests. And they DO have the right to create profiles that state what their profession and employer/company is. Why not? It's what most people do. Let's assume you would still work for apple and people would start writing here on your profile "Hey! I want to merge two iTunes-accounts. Why can't I do that?" - what would you do? I would tell them "Hey, that's not my job. If you have to write someone, write to [name of head of customer relations].". Because I am not responsable for this kind of things. So, if someone would then come back to me and complain - that would be just rude. I guess he already has quite a busy schedule. He tried to help (again: without being obligated to do so) - if it wasn't enough it's not his fault.

P.S.: And it's not Naomi Gleit's fault, either. As I wrote above: This is a social network in private beta. There are more important support channels than this. More to the point: If she would offering active support here, it would be pretty strange considering the thousands of places where it would be more desirable/useful.

P.P.S.: I want to apologize for the "dick". It was meant with a big ";)" behind it - read: "relax". I'm not a native speaker and I hope I did not offend you. :)
I am glad the social community is out to help me thanks +Robin Greenbaum I literally am like feeling choked since my facebook account was hacked this sunday the most important factor was of my advertising campaigns. I hope that +Blake Ross can help out.
+Samir Saleem, good luck. In my experience, I literally had to drive 90 minutes (each way) from Santa Cruz to Palo Alto in order to make a personal appearance at Facebook's headquarters to get my issues addressed. And they refused to let me speak with anyone other than a receptionist. And it still took them a week to get around to dealing with it.

Facebook doesn't have "users"—the people with accounts on the site are product.
Maybe they will. This, for sure, is not an approach that will "scale well", as my friends in marketing like to say.
"Does one customer matter to FB? in a sea of 750 million???"

No. And they as much as made that clear to me, when I asked (in person, at the reception desk of Facebook HQ), "Why on earth don't you people act like every other web site on the planet and actually look at mail sent to the 'abuse' mailbox?" "We have 750 million users."
+Jan Krems, you'd have a point if it weren't for the fact that +Blake Ross "outed" himself here, and explicitly pointed us at +Naomi Gleit with the suggestion that we provide "feedback" to her, in keeping with her (putative) job description. That takes it right out of the "it's strictly a personal profile" territory.
I'm still not quite sure, how he "outed" himself. He saw tons of people adding him. Which made him wonder what they were expecting. So he tried to be pro-active and point them to a profile more worth adding (in his opinion). I don't think, it was meant as an official support announcement. Because I'd put that level of being organized beyond Facebook. ;) Anyways - that's how I read this story. On the other hand: It was his first after after "Blake Ross changed his profile picture". So, there is really not much to read from. ^^

OT: It's fun to see what kind of people are mostly active in this stage of the plattform.

OT': It has to be strange for him reading what all these strangers are writing under his post. And how they try to read him. Sorry for that. :)
Please make it very easy for us to export our friends list to other social networks.
"I'm still not quite sure, how he "outed" himself."

Well, it's more to the point that he "outed" +Naomi Gleit, with the suggestion, "Please add my colleague...her job is to take all of your wishes and wants for Facebook and turn them into reality!" Maybe he hasn't mentioned to her that he's done this. That'd seem about par for the course.
"My wish is that Facebook would stop treating me with utter contempt."
"Oh, go screw yourself!"
In the movie, I remember Zuckerberg saying he won't put ads on the site, it will take away from the coolness of the site. Any notice that 80% of the site is pretty much stupid ads?
+David Schlesinger I guess your bag is just trying to write a lot of half-assed opinionated crap and getting more attention/noteworthiness that way. It's not an original idea, but you do seem to be taking the dick factor up a notch here in a way that really has nothing to do with you wanting a resolution to a grievance.

Maybe if I followed pokemon more I'd have heard of you or your company before. Maybe you're tired and need some sleep. Or maybe +Jan Krems shouldn't have apologized, and you really are just a big dick.

Thanks to a lot of people like +Blake Ross, you have several popular outlets for this.
No, Mike, my "bag" is being an observer of the technology industry, in which I've been a participant for over three decades, with half of that time spent at Apple and Palm.

Your bag seems to be pointless name-calling, but I'd suggest you head back out to the playground and practice a bit more.
...there goes the peace just made... :D
One can only speculate on Mike's interest in "Let's you and him fight."

So now we know FB employees are liars as well as greedy privacy leeches
So, Blake, we're not going to get a ban from Facebook if you catch us using Google plus. You guys aren't the hall monitors who are going to report us to Zuckerberg and get us grounded or something, are you? ;)
And where's Timberlake? Isn't he part owner of MySpace now? Shouldn't he be doing research? Those LAZY Hollywood types! Grrr!
ok , can she turn all our wishes and " wants" into reality ?? :P
Thanks for joining in +Blake Ross :) Looking forward to how this will coexist - im sure more time of my day, but that, is ok.
Copy Google+'s Takeout feature! It will be very well needed!
Please host Facebook at, thanks!

(Oh, and, let us export all of the Facebook data already available to us via the web interface, not just some. Thanks!)
Ask for feedback on Facebook and not on Google+. That's my wish for Facebook. Some months ago I tried contacting you, any one of the team, besides using the report's forms, and nothing would come up. Here admins have their own account, most of them with public posts. They reply, they add people, they are nice, they are listening. On facebook I never felt like I was listened to, like I mattered.
Raju Pp
Feedback? No, it's a request. Please give back everything which we rightfully own on Facebook - Our data.
For those saying they want a "dislike button"... my opinion is that this will not be used correctly, and younger people might use it to bully or tease other more vulnerable class mates for example.
I would prefer having just the like button, and if you do not like it... then you don't click anything at all. A dislike button will just cause a lot of negativity.
I try to observe the influence of the on +1 on the google rank.
If you want to help me thank you to click the +1 on the bottom left of ! Thanks.
Don't reduce photo quality in Facebook.
Everyone on this thread is so smart.
In other words, go follow her, tell her what you like and if she thinks you're on to something, we'll do the same.
1. Photo popup really needs to be restored to its previous state.
2. Google+ 's photos section detects faces very good.
3. Photo Tagging applications are SPAMMY at facebook.
4. Every photo tags MUST get tagged user's approval to be there. "Tag First, Remove later" is not good at all.
5. Recent Profile Viewers List, Anonymous profile viewing method..
6. Dont add dislike button., Add "Ignore" button and make it smart.

Still., I do have few more suggestions.. Will send later.
why You didn't do this AT FACEBOOK? needed to come here in G+ to listen your FB users?? ridiculous
As long Facebook censores many comments regarding google+, g+ is the better alternative!
You guys need to fix the chat immediately.. it's showing offline people and doesn't correctly show the number of friends who are online.. the previous one was working pretty well.. after skype integration it seems to have gone haywire.
Yeah and it'll be better if facebook comes up with a hangout kind of thing....and make the groups of facebook a little easier to use.
Its time for a big change on facebook
hiii... am havng a new idea for social networking site... i need to share..
Interconnect social networks with good open standards (just like mail) in order not to have users jump between different islands.
faceeeeeeeeeeeboooooooooooook..tooooooooooo many fake ids from that i hate it
adios fb!! just deactivated my account till a tool to import friends to g+ comes along. thats when the mass fb suicides are gonna happpen
I wonder how often this will be happening?
Ha..... Now there's only 749 million to go! You got to be kidding right ?
FaceBook should maybe adopt one of the awesome features of Google+ which is SHARE WITH THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH, sure you can exclude people from all searches, but thats complicated. Create a circles like thing, thats the first thing to do to make FaceBook better.
jordan burger you can do that to some extent with custom lists on facebook. google+ makes it more intuitive and easy with circles.
The irony here, Blake, is that never once in the past did FB give a crap about involving its community in product improvement/feedback let alone having real humans available to curate the process. Now that Google has presented a formidable competitor, you actually care and show up on G+? No thanks; you lost me long ago with your tryanny and destruction of my data, your regressive layout changes, and anti-intellectualism.

You killed the original spirit of Facebook somewhere around 2008. My departure is a foregone conclusion.
So that 2 things are 4m facebook , 2.Facebook founder following you...:-)..........what opinion about GOOGLEPLUS?
Ciao FB. I never trusted you!
Please tell Naomi that users should be able to liberate their data. If I uploaded my photos I should be able to easily download then remove those photos.
how is ur google plus experience ...marks outof 10 overfb
@Blake Ross A reality!!! Years we've been waiting!!!! You had your chance!
Start running... G+ is picking up speed. hahahahah.
Is Naomi actually taking feedback? I don't see any posts from her on G+?
I know that Facebook is built around a social graph (1st and 2nd grade connections). Still, I don´t like the approach, that you need to be friended with anyone you want to interact with. Even that is not fully right. I can have a conversation with a not-friended person, in case we both commented on the same image. That enables even to circumvented the privacy/permission settings!

Why there isn´t something like a "follow" instead? How often did I made the experience, that a person is interesting but I didn´t wanted to be friended in first line. It would be nice to stay with someone in touch without being connected with him/her directly. You can see public activities of the person - and vice versa.

Yes, there is the way to friend with a person to get the same. And if you don´t want to be "spammed" anymore, to unfriend - but who does that?
I can't wait for Facebook to come out with it's first phone. When it does, there really needs to be support for circles like Google has so I can pull in my entire contacts. I make a distinction in between intimate posts with family and friends, and broader circles. None of my family members seem interested in joining Google +, so I guess I will just have to beg Facebook to add these features.
Blake you can start by getting rid of my "Recent Activity Feed" WTH was the thought process behind that? How can we make stalking a whole lot easier? After testing Google+ for a couple of days I like the fact that when I post something the first thing it asks is who do you want to share with? On FB when I post something I have to scramble throughout your site to block certain people from seeing it, starting with "Recent Activity Feed" and next through "Account Setting" and then I have to select each person I want to block. With over 700 friends that could take a while. Google+ gets an A+ on this feature, FB gets an F!
WOW, I just found another great feature, I don't have to add you to my circle to post on your comment. GOOGLE+ wins again, score G+ = 2 vs FB = 0
What I can edit comments without deleting?
G+ = 3 vs FB=0
How about the option to select who can see your tagged pics instead of all or none? 
It would be nice if there was a way to make it easy to transfer our album/pictures/notes from Facebook to Google+. please/thanks!
Please Transfer all of your data to Google+ and shut down Facebook.
I'd like it to work right... like be able to change my email address in the account settings, because for the past 4 months when I click the verification link I continually get: "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can." Is that too much to ask for +Mark Zuckerberg +Blake Ross and +Naomi Gleit?
The Facebook bashing in this thread isn't productive or healthy.

+Blake Ross welcome to G+, Thank you for creating and sharing content. Hopefully you are enjoying more productive conversations with those you have circled.

Evidently there are a number of former FB customers here with real concerns that are certainly relevant for Facebook right now. Many have also contended that FB customer service hasn't been kind to their sense of customer identity. But all of that is a separate conversation which has little relevance to your professional role, your online identity, or your presence here on G+.

Many of us G+ enthusiasts are just glad you're here. I'm so sorry that this comment thread doesn't reflect that.

And +Emilio Maldonado, in our disappointments lets not turn to hate. Lets be the change we want to see, both here on G+, and our real lives.
My advice for FB would be to promote that Real Name fascism as currently used by G+ is a very negative and harmful approach to building a community, I've lost an account of 10 years because I refuse to play ball with Vic, Zuck needs to capitalise on this before they open the doors to the masses.
Like the way in which FB is trying to capitalize on the available platform that is a + for FB on Google +, would be better if FB team acknowledges the posts :)@google: awaiting to see whats in store.. gr8 job done so far
Sir can u explain please why errors occur in Facebook Now a days...

And Facebook chat box is also suck...
Can u explain me what type of error this...
Sir can u explain please why error occurs in Facebook now a days...

And Facebook chat box is also suck...
Can u explain me what type of error this...
Ah,. it was that guy who was eliminated from G+ ;-)
are you the one who was eliminated from Google + ?
One thing Facebook and Google+ could do is to have a fix up bar like twitter. It sucks to roll up back all the time just to search or do something else.
We shouldn't have to use G+ for Facebook's vice president of user feedback to listen to us. She should be listening to us ON FACEBOOK. That's the real problem.
data liberation is must. else you are trying to stick users to your own site. and that's not smart peoples sign.
Lets see my wish...... get all my Facebook friends on Google+ or change the name to Google+. Either way works for me!
I love Facebook and I hope it's the big boy on the block for years to come. G+ Hopefully gives you all at FB an outside perspective of what a fresh set of eyes looking at the problem might come up with. Take the good from G+ (superior photo sharing, "circles" are easier to edit/maintain than "friend lists") and incorporate it into FB while you still have the upper hand.
Is it possible for us to change the preview of me on Facebook when people look for me using a search engine? I want them to see more information then what's currently available.
She doesn't share anything on public... :/
Add a comment...