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10,883 scientific peer-reviewed studies agree global warming is real and caused by or adversely accelerated by humans.

2 do not.

 So there is still no real way to post RSS, Tweets and Facebook posts here?


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So, I've finally worked out what to use Google+ for.

Pinterest: Purely food stuff
Google+: Batman and Batman related stuff.

+Louis Gray has finally won the battle. Well played, sir.

Well played.

Hey, when did Google buy Pinterest?

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We're kicking poverty's ass... in one 100Km chunk.

Go to to donate.

Communities brought me back to Google+...

Except I can't access any content via the iOS app, or the mobile interface...

So... What's up with that?

Kinda thought that would be the FIRST thing you'd do prior to launch......................................

Imagine... for a second... if all the effort going on here with the #iSheep business was dedicated to creativity rather than denigrating something.

Android lets you do anything... yet you use that opportunity to bag a product you'll never use and those who use it.

What a waste of an opportunity.

I'm saying this as an honest 100% complete Apple Fanboi (Those who know me, like +Louis Gray will confirm this fact about me). So here goes:

I hope that the Apple vs Samsung decision channels all the anger and passion within the Android community and drives people to break through the current paradigm of what a "phone" is and creates new technologies that go beyond bevelled edges.

I can't wait to see what the Android community comes up with to beat or bypass this decision.

How one rises to face a (bad) decision is what will ultimately decide who 'wins' the battle.

Plus, can I have my Dick Tracy watch yet?

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