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Photos that I shot for Chennai Trail Marathon 2015, Organized by +Chennai Trekking Club 
The runs were Half Marathon - 21.1K, Full Marathon - 42.2K and Ultra Marathon -50K
The objective was to spread awareness of a more active and healthy lifestyle through sports.
I was deployed at R8 (Route 8). It was in and around a village called "Erumaivettipalayam"
Personally, it was an interesting day for me. Especially, after moving to Chennai, this probably was the day I was quite enthusiastic wink emoticon
Feel free to tag and share the photos!
‪#‎CTM15‬ ‪#‎CTC‬
Chennai Trail Marathon 2015
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Portrait of a Selfie
#Portrait #criatvt #LowLight #Women

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Vizhinjam Port
Here's an after-rain view of the Vizhinjam Port. It was cold and rainy. Such a pleasant feeling to be there :)

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Barachukki Falls

This is Barachukki waterfall in Sivasamudra, Karnataka. One of the buzzing tourist places with people mostly from Bangalore!

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A shot form the beach walk past week!

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Sheek Kabab
Went for a walk in Frazer Town. The Ramzan Festive season is heating up there. I strongly recommend this place for all the foodies out there in Bangalore!

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#FeaturedPhotographer #Wire #conversations 

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Sunset at Manyavanta Hill

Shot this at Manyavanta Hill, Hampi. So many people come over to this hill simply to see the sunset.
#Hampi  #India #Sunset #Karnataka   #HIll   #Rocks   #Boulders  

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"It is your brain. Keep it hygienic"
A Sensible video from +CGP Grey+CGP Grey

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A scene from the bank of Tungabadra River. You can cross the river with the help of a Coracle. There are a few secret temples inside this hill.

#Hampi   #Karnataka   #India   #Mountain   #Boulders   #HIll  
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