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See the recipes for Greek small plates:

The Greek way of cooking and eating has inspired cuisines all over the world; the meze tradition of feasting on small dishes, which has spread throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, is a casual, companionable way to eat—and one of our favorite ways to share a meal with friends. From feta-stuffed peppers to smoky eggplant dip, these dishes are perfect as appetizers, light mains, or as part of a lavish meze spread.

See the recipes:

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Our favorite spring protein brings richness to a simple stew brightened with spicy red wine. See the recipe for Lamb Stewed with Parsnip, Bacon, Fennel, and Red Wine:

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See the recipe for fudgy and moist brownies that are out of this world:

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Choy sum is topped with a flavorful mixture of peanut oil, soy sauce, and garlic for a bright and quick side dish. If you can't find choy sum, whole baby bok choy makes a fine substitute.

See the recipe for asian greens in garlic sauce:

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Learn how to make grapefruit pearls:

While researching the grapefruit story in our March 2014 issue, we learned that it's possible to separate the citrus flesh into hundreds of individual vesicles by stirring it in oil, where the juice-packed sacs unbind from one another. The pearl-like bits can be spooned over desserts like a sparkling vanilla-grapefruit granita and provide bursts of sweet-tart flavor to salads. To make them, submerge grapefruit segments in a neutral oil like canola. Stir occasionally until segments break down, about 15 minutes. Strain vesicles through a fine-mesh sieve, reserving oil for dressings. Rinse vesicles under cold water; use as desired.

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From pickled jalapeños to rice crackers, there's a wealth of ways to play with the classic deviled egg, perhaps the most welcome finger food at any party. 

See 10 variations on a favorite:

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Few desserts are as pretty and as easy to make as a pavlova. For this one, we've combined the best elements of versions by Robyn Hedges and Pip Hoar, respectively, two New Zealand bakers featured in Dave Lieberman's homage to the dessert, "Light Fantastic" (August/September 2009). The key to a successful pavlova is patience: allow the meringue to cool completely before transferring it to the plate or cake stand. You'll prevent any crumbling that can occur when the process is rushed.

See the recipe:

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Learn how to make light and airy potato gnocchi in classic pomodoro sauce in the video:

Traditional Italian gnocchi is much easier to make at home than you might think—to create light, airy dumplings, all you need are potatoes that are still steaming hot from boiling and just a little bit of flour. In this video, watch Cathy Whims, chef and owner of Portland Oregon's Nostrana restaurant and author of our SAVEUR 100 article, The Geometry of Pasta, craft pillowy gnocchi with a rustic sweet tomato and onion sauce. 

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From pillowy gnocchi made with peas to spaghetti tossed with morels and asparagus, spring produce and bright, light flavors take center stage in these fresh pasta dishes.

See 19 spring pastas:

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See 21 great birthday cakes:

Everyone deserves a homemade cake on their birthday, and nothing feels quite as special as a big, over-the-top butter and sugar confection topped with piles of fluffy frosting and crowned with a ring of candles. Whether your lucky recipient's taste tends toward a classic buttery yellow cake, dense chocolate layers, or tropical flavors, one of these 21 tempting recipes should do the trick.

Get all the recipes:

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Great recipes! 
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