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Slap On Another "Côtes"
I love doing side-by-sides with similar wines. In this case, I had the chance to give the once-over to a pair of Côtes du Rhône from slightly different classification. As a quick refresher, Côtes du Rhône is (obviously) from the Rhone region of France and i...

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Down the Duero
Let’s pop back over to Spain for a moment, Rioja is not the
only game in town when it comes to the fruitful production of grapey goodness.
Just a bit south of Rioja flows the Duero River, along which you can find a
couple of Spain’s most well-known wine reg...

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The Angels of Rosé and The Naked Vine’s Victory Lap
Yeah, I’m going to relish this one a little. One of the developments I’ve seen in the US wine market has
been the greater demand for rosé. More domestic producers are sending out the
pink product, spending their resource to create better versions. Rosé has

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New Year’s – Wines for the Horror
The long nightmare that was 2016 is drawing to a close.
As we sit here on the edge of ’17, waiting to see what America’s Orange Era has
in store for us, there’s a thought that’s never far from the front of my brain. “Screw it. We should all just get shitham...

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In my “Ten Years” retrospective, I copped to making a number
of factual goofs when I was getting this good ol’ column off the ground. I mentioned my initial confusion about the Spanish wine
Rioja. I fell hard for Spanish juice when doing my first pass throu...

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Ten Years On
Psst…stick with me and I’ll tell you a big wine
secret. But before I do, I’m going to take a little me-time. The Sweet Partner in Crime and I bonded early in
our relationship over the “ Windows on the World Complete Wine Course ” – a book
by Kevin Zraly whi...

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For Goodness...Sake?
“You know that in the
back of every sushi restaurant there’s a guy going, ‘Hey, look! They ate it!
You want some hot wine to go with that, too?” – from “An Evening With Robin
Williams” I remember hearing that line at my friend Dave’s way back in
the early d...

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A Few Thanksgiving Bottles
To accompany the Guide to Thanksgiving Wine Buying I put together for your reading pleasure, I recently got a few bottles from the Wine Fairy that could fall into the “let’s give this a go” category for your Turkey Day table.  Villa Gemma 2015 Cerasuolo d’A...

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The Naked Vine Guide to Buying Wine for Thanksgiving
We’re three weeks away from The Big Feed and you need to
start thinking about buying wine. Since you’re the classy, thoughtful
individual that you are, you actually give a rip about how the wine goes with
food and you don’t want anyone to take a sip, and go...

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COCO Cocktail -- An Idea Whose Time Has Come...for Some.
Years ago, back in my single days, I remember hanging out with some of my besties at my bachelor pad, quaffing some of my homebrews and probably watching a basketball game. The conversation turned, at one point, to different beer flavors. Now, this was in t...
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