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Andre Weyher
Ex Google webspam fighter, currently in the SEO business and living the good life in Sydney.
Ex Google webspam fighter, currently in the SEO business and living the good life in Sydney.

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Although it's a shame, for some reason Google+ just doesnt do it for me. Don't be a stranger on facebook for fun and personal stuff and on linkedin for professional stuff :-) #sorrynotsorry #3isacrowd

Love new panda updates. Alwsys good for people who invest time in quality content.

Good day folks, I've been wondering about this for a while and cant seem to get a full answer, perhaps you can help.
We all now that classic pop ups can have a bad influence on your sites rankings. Does anyone know if the same counts for the, lets call them, "exit intent windows" which are triggered by software that detects the users intent to leave the page by moving the mouse to the "close tab" button. A window shows up with a last attempt to convert or leave details. Would be useful for my site but I'm not sure if they have the same bad effect on SEO as classic pop ups. Any insights on this? Thanks!

ANNOUNCEMENT for all SEO/SEM agency people in Australia. I'm currently working on a report on the SEO industry which will be featured in one of Australias largest newspapers. The report will include a list of SEO agencies I personally recommend and vouch for that their work does not go against Google guidelines. Send me a private message if you would like your agency to be in the running for a mention. 

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Interesting remarketing campaign by on facebook today - "Considering your recent behaviour on our site, you might be interested in buying a) an electric massager (which IS actually correct, b) extra massage pads (ok, fair enough) c) A novelty cappuccino maker (hhhhmmm it's a long shot but ok, why not) and d) a hideous, disgusting female gremlin."

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Ciekawa wiadomosc o SERPach - nowy pomysl Google, chat PRZED kliknieciem na link strony!

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Interesting new feature coming up in the SERPs...

Hello folks! 30 videos of good quality content.. Post all at once or... dose - 2-4 a week? Thoughts on what's better, worse or doesnt make much difference?

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For all my fellow "that guy"s out's what NOT to do at the office Xmas party this year ;-)
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