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Michelle Paula Snyder
professor of mythology and symbolism, fairy tale author, blogger, and geek
professor of mythology and symbolism, fairy tale author, blogger, and geek

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Mars: Part 3 Effects of Suspended Dust
by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann  reproduced from the Enzmann Archives by WKS Dust particles, ice crystals, and
droplets effect capsules designed for unmanned descent, landing, deployment,
and subsequent use. Effects recommended for study are as follows: * Visi...

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Covered Wagon Annie
A Really Truly Story by Roberta Duncan Stories and tales abound that convey the human condition in
colorful, eloquent, or even fanciful terms. Hans Christian Anderson told us of
wicked trolls and goblins who long, long ago constructed a Mirror. It was a

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Creating Our Future
By Zoe Wallis “Peace is not
mass-produced, but handcrafted every day by individuals” – Pope Francis Seventeen New Earth School students sing
merrily as their bus carries them to their final class in descriptive writing.
Each carries writing materials needed...

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Voyage Beyond Apollo, video
Voyage Beyond Apollo video Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann's Conference on Planetology and Space Mission Planning aboard the cruise ship Stattendam in 1972.

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Selling our truck for $1500.00. Just inspected.

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The real stone soup - a prehistoric delicacy.

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Michelle Paula Snyder commented on a post on Blogger.
Emerald Tablet: As above, so below is simply a statement that if you can read the stars above, you will know where you are on Earth below. It is not complicated.

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Echo Lance Technology 1984
Enzmann's Echo Lance By:  Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann and Joanna Enzmann It is possible – indeed technically
quite simple to accelerate particles such as electrons, protons, and heavier
nuclei to great velocities, easily to the 100 McV (100 Mc v/c 2 ) and

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New blog from WKS: Ice Age Language.

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Decades ago we could have visited Mars.This article publishes some startling history as to why we have not done so. Most people don't know what happened, unless they lived it as Enzmann did. Painting by Don Davis.
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