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New Website
I've moved! Click Navy Christian to visit!

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July 2016: A Plea for Prayer
A Plea for Prayer! Jerry McCullah, President of Impact Prayer International Webster’s Dictionary lists one definition for “Mind” in this way: “Propensity” ~ “a natural inclination; or mind-set” Thesaurus uses these options, among others: attention, concen...

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July 2016: Patriotic Prayer
PATRIOTIC PRAYER By: Donald R. Patterson             In his memoirs, George
S. Patton wrote that as a boy he frequently prayed God would not call him into
the ministry. He said, “You can’t tell God ‘ No ’”.
Patton understood the dichotomy of being a believe...

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July 2016: From the Founder
From the Founder's Desk By: S. Daniel Smith, Founder and Editor of The Prayer Gazette As The Prayer Journal grows, and I’m excited to announce that it has grown in each of the two issues of it’s first year in existence, I feel I must come clean of something...

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July 2016: The Risk of Minimum Wage
The 3rd Party J. William Seymour Everyone knows about the $15/hour wage issue. Is it fair or is it economically destructive? I suppose it depends on who you ask. For evangelicals, of which I am only nominally one, the issue stands starkly against the idea t...

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Ministry Update 01
I know I am getting right with God, or that I am right with
God, because I am feeling once again called to preach the gospel. At times in
my life I find that I’ve gone off the tracks. I’ve become distracted and I’ve
sinned. Now, I sin every day. Of course. ...

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2016 Great Strides Walk!
The 2016 Great Strides Walk in Jacksonville is over and we are so glad we went. The Jacksonville walk is probably the smallest walk we've been a part of, but it was really enjoyable. Great Strides was held at the University of North Florida campus and let m...

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Hello Shipmate (and I mean that sincerely...not as a derogatory remark), I heard today that you got your evaluation debrief and that you weren't happy with it. In fact, I have been told that you got visibly and audibly upset during your debrief. You should ...

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Prayer: Essential Activity in Salvation
The Calvinist in me shuddered a little writing the title of this blog post, but it's no less true just because it makes me a little squeamish. For my brothers or sisters who are also Calvinist, depending on your level of acceptance of the theology, you migh...
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