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Spring Break 2016
Some things never change.  I still can't remember what has happened in the past couple weeks.  Stay with me anyhow...? William is really starting to improve at Karate.  He loves going through the form sequence and has it pretty well down pat.  His favorite ...

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Absense makes the heart grow fonder... after two years...
I haven't written a word for two years.  I didn't know what to say.  But, I've missed writing down the memories.  THere's a phone app (will we laugh about that in 20 years?!) that reminds me of all the funny things my children have said, things we have done...

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Epic Fail. I know.
So clearly I took a "bit" of a break from the blog.  I could probably come up with atleast 7 dozen somewhat decent reasons why I punked out for 2.5 months but that would be pretty boring when I know you just want to hear about the super adorable things the ...

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