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Japanland Page by Karin Muller
Japanland Page by Karin Muller


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Egypt's Secret Side (2016 PBS Documentary) from Karin Muller

Karin Muller's next assignment video will be released soon. 

You can circle her here: +Karin Muller 
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Kenka Matsuri (Roughhouse Festival)

October 14-15

"The Kenka Matsuri (Roughhouse Festival) or Nada Festival takes place in October in Shirahama, a suburb of the city of Himeji, Japan. Thousands flock to the shrine where the festival is held, first paying their respects to the kami, or gods, and then settling in for the entertainment: a procession of mikoshi —portable shrines or palanquins that are elaborately carved and decorated, and that can weigh as much as a thousand pounds. The roughhousing starts as teams of mikoshi-bearers jostle each other for position in the procession to the Matsubara Hachiman Shrine. Once they reach the shrine, the palanquin-bearers spin their heavy burden, tilt it to one side, raise it up high in the air, and let it crash to the ground—difficult maneuvers designed to thrill the crowd and win the kami's approval.
The festival ends when the kami are ready to depart for their spirit home. The mikoshi engage in a final battle in an open field, where thousands of cheering spectators take sides and and egg them on. Festival officials eventually call a halt to the mayhem, and the battered mikoshi are returned to the shrine, where they will be repaired and stored until the next year's festival."
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Cuba's Secret Side movie available for rental from Gumroad

Also, available in both rental and download options:

Sudan's Secret Side Part 1:

Sudan's Secret Side Part 2:

Japanland Part 1:

Japanland Part 2:

For more information click:

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"Sudan's Secret Side, a two-hour PBS television series, premiered nationwide on May 16th, 2014 (local air dates may vary).

For three months, I traveled through Chad and into Sudan– living with Sudanese refugees, in humanitarian base camps, and both the military and rebel armies.  I filmed medieval medicinal practices, royal weddings, and even a young boy's circumcision. Along the way I discovered a side of refugee life that few foreigners get to see.

Most importantly, the footage used to create this series is available to students to edit into their own documentaries through Take 2.  No broadcaster/production company has ever allowed schools unlimited access to raw footage used in an international series.  This is the future – interactive, project-based, student-driven – and today’s digital natives can’t wait to get their hands on it.  Along the way they learn to think critically, collaborate, and become informed and engaged global citizens."

- Karin Muller from her newsletter.

For schools & colleges please click this link:
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Japanese man proposes to girlfriend with Guinness World Record-winning GPS drawing

Nice dedication by Yasushi and his girlfriend said yes in the end.

via Neatorama:

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Adventure of Karin continues, she's planning to go to China next.

"I just wanted to let you know that our latest public television series, Sudan's Secret Side, will uplink in 6 days and will rollout nationwide over the summer.  It's 2 hours long - the same length as the Cuba series -  and at the same price point.  Here are the private Youtube links:

Sudan’s Secret Side Episode 1: The Secret Lives of Refugees:

Sudan’s Secret Side Episode 2: The Kindness of Strangers:

And in case you're short on time, 30-second trailers to both episodes:

Sudan's Secret Side (Episode 1) 30-second trailer

Sudan's Secret Side (Episode 2) 30-second trailer

It is PG-TV (slightly more G-rated than PG-14) but does have some moments in the first hour that might disturb much younger viewers.

I'm going to be filming in China for four months starting in late June,"

#sudan   #china  
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Sudan's Secret Side Release

New adventure from Karin Muller will be available soon.

"An unforgettable journey into a world few Westerners ever see, Karin Muller takes you undercover inside a Sudanese refugee camp.

Episode #101 The Secret Lives of Refugees

This eye-opening episode reveals the camp's medieval medical practices, from bleeding to burning, and the butcher who moonlights as the camp surgeon. Find out why the refugees are willing to let Muhammad operate on their babies with nothing more than a rusty hook, and why they'd rather get their medications from Victor, a refugee with no medical training - even though there's a western hospital right inside the camp. 
Explore the camp's thriving underground economy - bakers and barbers, dirt-poor brick makers, and the tanners whose work comes with devastating consequences. Glimpse the local grain-milling mafia and the women who dare to brew illegal beer for a willing male clientele. Find out how the camp merchant has managed to acquire a pile of money - and the third wife he plans to buy with it.

Watch a seven-year-old boy at his circumcision ceremony, knowing that his future depends on his courage under the knife. Join a camp celebration, where the young people have a most unusual way to attract mates, and get a ringside seat at the wedding of the century - between the fifteen-year-old daughter of a sultan and the son of a general.
Finally, discover the surprising truth behind the madrassa, the camp Koranic school and its extraordinary teacher.

Episode #102 The Kindness of Strangers

Ever wondered what it would be like to go help people in some far off land? Meet the aid workers who struggle to survive car-jackings, dust storms, and toads - while still keeping the peace between the camps and the surrounding hostile villagers. They do their laundry in wheelbarrows and often run out of toilet paper and yet they've learned how to have fun no matter how difficult their situation.

Running a refugee camp is no simple matter, and the humanitarian organizations have created a sophisticated system to feed, clothe, employ, and educate half a million human beings - each with their own agenda, hopes, and dreams. Khadija is willing to do anything to give her daughter the chance she never had. Alfadil works hard to support friends and family, though inside he is seething with rage and frustration. Noura has abandoned her five children to come to the camps in a single-minded quest for material possessions. And Fatima works tirelessly to hold her family together while dreaming of the day when they can all return to their village, rebuild, and start their lives again.

It may be a long wait. Rebels and bandits roam the countryside, fighting the endless wars that keep the refugees from going home. Join the soldiers as they head for a border patrol, armed with magical amulets that will protect them from enemy bullets and make them invisible. Meet the Sultan - war-weary and wise - who knows how to bring peace to this troubled land, if only someone would listen. And Jeda, a young woman who represents the greatest hope for the future of her people. Finally, celebrate the stunning courage of a group of young refugees who defy their own culture to give girls a chance to get an education. 

Sudan's Secret Side - DVD: ($24.95) (Pre-Order)
Pre-order the DVD, will be available soon.
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Japanland now available for download worldwide

You can download the documentary in two parts (file size 2GB or more each):

Japanland Part 1 of 2:

Japanland Part 2 of 2:

For DVDs and other options visit 

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How Japanese women in Workplace fare
Originally shared by ****
Rika Kayama continues to enlighten and evolve through her column on being a psychiatrist in Japan. Her bold voice and candor about her experiences in the field and her own rising awareness of how things need to change in the field and in Japan is always so refreshing to read.

Many women today continue working during their pregnancy and after giving birth. At the same time, I often hear working mothers and working mothers-to-be suffering from what is called "maternity harassment" -- where employers or bosses ignorantly say things like "Wouldn't it be easier if you didn't work?" or force heavy work on pregnant staff without consideration of their health. It is a pity that those women have to suffer from harsh comments at work and be given the cold shoulder. On the other hand, I see many single women becoming worn out after taking the workload of their colleagues who have children or are pregnant. A patient of mine, who suffered from depression as she kept having to take over her colleague's unfinished tasks because the colleague left work early to pick up her children from daycare, once said, "Even if I work extra for my co-worker who has kids, people only praise her. They would say, 'Oh, she works hard and manages to take care of her kids.' It's not that I want to be admired, but I feel like I've been told I'm unworthy because I don't have a child." ...

#psychologyinjapan   #rikakayama  
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Feedbacks for Cuba's Secret Side documentary

"Just saw the Cuba video on PBS.  Lovely!  I want to visit moreso now, than ever. 
Thank you for a wonderful excursion, very informative with a lot of heart.

"I loved the Documentary on Cuba…!! One day I would love to visit the Island….!!!! Thank you for the Piece you did on C


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