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Brooke Heeb
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The Last Sword
What are you all putting in your littles Easter baskets? I always overthink this and lose my sanity slightly. For example, today I came out of the dollar tree with foam swords for the boys. They love swords and can't hurt anybody with those foam things, plu...

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To the girl with the low confidence.
Girl with the entirely low confidence, You woke up this morning and walked in to the bathroom to brush your teeth and comb your hair. You looked in the mirror and the bags under your eyes were noticeable. They were dark and you thought to yourself "I hope m...

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Love of Music
Tomorrow is Valentines Day and we are "feeling the love" around the house today with some of our favorite lovey-dovey tunes while we conquer laundry, dishes, and some organizing. Without further ado, our top 10 love songs: 10. When I Was Your Man - Thomas R...

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Friday Fave: thredUP!
Here recently I stumbled upon something quite grand. An online consignment shop. Who loves shopping online and scoring great deals? Me. Who loves getting rid of their own clothes, from the comfort of their own home, and making some money for doing so? Me. I...

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Legacy of love.
Two weeks a go my family suffered an awful loss. My sweet great grandmother, Martha Mae Palmer, went to be with Jesus and so many others that we have lost. She went home . My life has been turned upside down and I find myself missing her more and more as th...

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Looking back but moving forward.
What was 2014 for me? Rough. In 2014 I moved to a completely new town and realized loneliness was a bit too familiar for me. I grew but I also pulled away from things and people in ways I wished I hadn't. I am still learning, everyday. 2014 has been hard - ...

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Here's to making plans.
Life tends to be really messy and it tends to throw you in directions you never thought go. It surprises you. You plan for things and then those plans fall through. Being a child is so fantastic in that sense. Girls plan their dream wedding with Prince Char...

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Friday I'm in Love
It's friday and I am back! After a storm that knocked out our internet, being out of town, and the flu bug I am back. Whew...its been a crazy week. Sons of Anarchy started Tuesday and my obsession with Charlie Hunnam has returned. I mean he is gorgeous. Wel...

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Fall Must-Haves
Who is ready for Fall? I know we are. It is our favorite time of the year for many reasons. We love the pumpkin patch, cooler weather, soups, and everything else fall comes with. I. CANT. WAIT! With that being said I have been scouting out my fall must-have...

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Cookie Dough Dip: No Egg!
Do you love cookie dough as much as me? If so, we should probably be best friends already. I mean Im a sucker for sitting in front of the TV with a sappy movie, cookie dough, and some graham crackers. Its my idea of a perfect night. However, I am scared to ...
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